Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yet Another Blog to Check

With fairly good regularity I check a number of online discussions about Seattle Schools starting with this blog but also the P-I's SoundOffs, the P-I's education beat writers' blog School Zone, the P-I reader's blog Chalkboard, and another P-I reader's blog that I also recommend Learning Connections, (see if you can guess my user ID on the P-I's online discussion boards) Director Martin-Morris' blog, the West Seattle Blog, CPPS, and a couple of Yahoo discussion groups. With slightly less regularity I check Crosscut, The Weekly, the Stranger, and the occassional Seattle Times discussion board.

Well, now there's another source as well: Examiner.com. I will be blogging there as well as here. I would guess that there will be a lot of cross-posting. The major differences are that I presume a more general audience there and there's a real picture of me instead of a japanese cartoon character or a satirically appropriated picture of someone else as my avatar. This means, I fear, that some of you who only know me online and not in real life will be able to recognize me at the Safeway or at MacPherson's where vegetables are readily at hand for throwing at me.

I should probably also disclose that it is theoretically possible for me to actually be paid for my posts on Examiner.com - a whopping $2.50 per 1,000 page views. It's a good thing payment is made by PayPal, otherwise the postage would be more than the quarterly check. It's hardly mercenary.

I will continue to post here and, I suspect, post here primarily. There has never been any expectation that what I write here is exclusive and the Examiner has no such expectation either. I will self-plagerize when I can, but I don't imagine that the Examiner audience is terribly interested in a discussion of the number of Level 3 Special Education students at Bryant in the past four years complete with hypertext links to the district documents. Although they may be interested in the changes that we are told to expect in the broader use of inclusive classrooms. While I hope that regular readers of this space are aware of the District's practice of frequent compulsory transitions for students with IEPs, I don't think the general audience is aware of how Seattle Schools jerks these students and their families around that way.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out the Examiner.com, as well as the other web sites I referenced for a variety of perspectives on Seattle Public Schools and other local topics of interest. Please share any web sites you visit that you find worthwhile.


anonymous said...


This blog is run by a CPPS board member, and looks hopeful, but not much activity yet.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Good luck, Charlie; I think it's great to get more information out to more people.