Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Really Avoiding Public School

I had been following this story of the 13-year old Lake Stevens boy who ran away from home. He ran because he had been homeschooled his whole life and now his mom was going to make him go to middle school. (Parents were divorced and the family was splitting kids.) He had studied survival skills and took off. He was gone nearly 2 weeks (what a heart attack!). He got tired and lost and said, forget it, maybe middle school won't be so bad. He missed his mom and his grandmother.

He sounds like a very sweet young man and I sure am glad his story had a happy ending.


Jet City mom said...

that story reminded me somewhat of Chris McCandless. Older, and he ended up considerably farther away- but when a raging river blocked his way back, ended in tragedy.

Very happy this ended well- but hope it doesn't inspire other kids to take off on their own.

dan dempsey said...

Kudos to the kid on great survival skills.

We don't yet know if this has a happy ending. The kid is going to a Lake Stevens middle school, so the jury is still out on the happy ending or not.