Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who Mentioned Education at Last Night's Debate?

It was Obama. When McCain and Obama were asked to rank what order they would place different issues (entitlement reform, health care or energy) to work on, Obama said energy, health care and then, instead of entitlement reform, he said education.

"And, number three, we've got to deal with education so that our young people are competitive in a global economy."

I was really pleased and surprised even though it was only one sentence and the only mention of education. It seems to rank high in his mind.

For the record, Senator McCain said (and I'm just putting in the last sentence because it covers the question), " But we can do them all at once. There's no -- and we have to do them all at once. All three you mentioned are compelling national security requirements."

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SolvayGirl said...

Unfortunately, neither will have much money to do anything. It is a sin that this country has found itself in such a mess. We can only hope that the next administration will find a way to fund education, prom pre-K through college.