Monday, October 20, 2008

Watch Out In Those School Zones

From the PI's Seattle 911 Blog:

"Top city brass were in West Seattle on Monday morning to unveil the Seattle police speed van – a vehicle they hope will increase safety in school zones.

The van's photo radar was first used in July when Seattle officers gave school-zone speed warnings during the last week of summer school.

Police say the van will be used this year at eight Seattle public elementary schools: Bagley, Broadview-Thompson, Bryant, Blaine, Gatewood, Schmitz Park, Stevens and West Woodland.

From July to September, 809 warnings were issued, according to the department. The $189 tickets were first issued by the van last week.

But if you get nailed by the speed van for breaking the 20-mph speed limit, there is a silver lining: The violation does not go on your driving record, and photo radar can only be enforced where school zones are properly marked."

I've read where and when school zones are enforced and it's somewhat vague. In light of these new vans (plus I've seen a couple of spots where police are parked and waiting), everyone should just slow down near schools. And not just elementary schools but ALL schools.

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anonymous said...

Just FYI there was a van on 35th ave NE at 65th ST (Brant Elementary) this morning.