Election Season has begun!

The Alki Foundation, the political arm of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, will host the first political event of the 2009 election season.

On May 7, candidates will take the field for Alki's signature lightning round, where they face a series of fast-pitch yes/no questions on how to fuel a job-growing economy. Local political strategists Cathy Allen and Randy Pepple will moderate the discussion.

Participants include:

Seattle City Council Position 2: Hon. Richard Conlin and David Ginsberg
Seattle City Council Position 4: Sally Bagshaw and David Bloom
Seattle City Council Position 6: Hon. Nick Licata, Jessie Israel and Martin Kaplan
Seattle City Council Position 8: David Miller, Robert Rosencrantz, Jordan Royer and Rusty Williams
Seattle Mayor: Hon. Greg Nickels, James Donaldson and Michael McGinn
King County Executive: Hon. Fred Jarrett, Hon. Dow Constantine and Hon. Larry Phillips
Port of Seattle Commission Position 4: Robert Holland and Thomas Albro

You will note that there are no School Board candidates or races listed. Nevertheless, it is now open season. The races have begun!


seattle citizen said…
Charlie, can you run for BOTH the School Board and Seattle City Council?

Pretty please?

WV thinks this is just the LEVER we need to get things done around here....
dan dempsey said…

Give me an address to mail my contibution.

Mas for SPS director
PO Box ______
Seattle, WA
Charlie Mas said…
Actually, someone not only could run for both positions, but could serve in both positions simultaneously.

Strictly speaking, the School Board job is regarded as a volunteer position. There is an expectation that a person could be a Board member AND have full time employment elsewhere.

Oddly, a disproportionate number of school board members in the recent past have been city employees.

I have no aspirations to be a member of the City Council. For one thing, I really like my current job. Just the same, I could be headed that way if I continue on this path because the City Council seems to attract a lot of former "light" journalists from television or gossipy columnists.
seattle citizen said…
Yes, and Charlie, you're such a gossip!

But we already had a "Charlie" on the Council...would that we had listened when HE had common sense, the sense to try and buy 25 snowplows for...$70,000? to be attached to city trucks when the need arose...
I'm going to be talking with Mike McGinn on Monday. Any burning questions about Seattle public schools?

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