Saturday, December 19, 2009

Enjoy Your Break

I just want to say Happy Holidays to all the readers and writers of this blog. I plan on using the next two weeks to rest and plan for the rest of the school year.

I know that many of you feel that the SPS is a very disfunctional district and I am hard pressed to disagree with that assessment. Please know that inspite of this, real learning is taking place in most classrooms everyday and students are learning (even when they don't really want to). The teachers in the SPS are passionate and dedicated to the education of your children.

I am proud to be a teacher and I love what I do. I think most of the teachers in the SPS would say the same thing if you asked them.


Stu said...

Thanks, Michael. Have a great break.

Although many of us have our disagreements, we're all pretty passionate about trying to find a way to deliver a better education for all the students in the district. We're willing to tax ourselves, donate time and services, support our teachers, and drive our kids when the buses stop running. I truly wish that the MGJ and the staff would see us as resources and not enemies . . . and I hope there are no surprise announcements during the holidays.

Happy whatever, all.


seattle citizen said...

I, too, wish everyone happy holidays, and thank you for all your contributions that make me think. The shared passion is so important.

lux et veritas, omnia extares!

Teachermom said...

Thanks Michael.

I teach for SPS and both of my kids go to school at SPS, and I have to say that for as dysfunctional as the "parents" are, the "kids" are all right. There are great things happening in schools every day, I just wish that teachers and parents didn't have to fight quite so hard to have the right to make it happen.

wseadawg said...

Amen Teachermom, and thank you for all you do. Enjoy your well deserved break.