Friday, December 11, 2009

Well, That's Not Good

From the Associated Press:

SEATTLE - A drug-and-alcohol counselor at a Seattle high school has been indicted on drug conspiracy charges.

The U.S. attorney's office says Robert Henry Smith, an intervention specialist at Rainier Beach High School, was arrested Thursday night. Court papers say a confidential informant made four controlled buys of oxycodone from him beginning last month.

The 59-year-old was scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court Friday on charges of conspiracy to distribute and distribution of oxycodone.

Prosecutors say none of the alleged drug dealing occurred on school property or involved students. Smith has been placed on paid leave from the Seattle School District.

However, from the story in the Seattle PI online:

While the first two purchases took place at Smith's Skyway home, the third drew Smith away from Rainier Beach High to meet with the informant, prosecutors allege.

"Law enforcement observed Smith leave Rainier Beach High School during school hours, and meet the (confidential source) approximately two blocks away from the high school to conduct the drug transaction," Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisca Borlchewski said in court documents.

So he left the school to allegedly sell the drugs. That's thoughtful.

But what are the kids at RBHS going to think? Did he ever sell to them? Did he ever laugh to himself about his job at RBHS and what he also did on the side to make a living?

Do people like this ever think about how this hurts kids who knew him personally and trusted him (not to mention co-workers)? Do people like this ever think about what this says about a school that doesn't have a stellar reputation?

Silly me. Of course not.

This is one person and not RBHS. I hope that we all keep this in mind and try to defend that school from people who will want to assume the worst about the whole school.


mkd said...

You are correct, this is one person who did leave the RBHS campus to conduct his illicit drug buys. The problem is, MY KIDS HAVE MET WITH THIS MAN ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS WHEN THE REGULAR COUNSELOR(S) (there are only two) were busy with other students. The prinicpal sent a "personal" message to each student's house explaining how this situation in no way reflects on the quality of RBHS education. Dr. Gary is trying, but he needs more staff, resources and security to do turn this school around properly. Like I pointed out in my post in budget cuts, I suppose drug indictments are one way to reduce staff a bit.

Charlie Mas said...

Our newly-elected School Board Director, Betty Patu, worked with this man for years. I'm sure that they must have collaborated since they were both intervention specialists.

Has she nothing to say about this? Has no one in the press thought to ask her of her impression of the man or his effectiveness as a counselor?

Anonymous said...

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