Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Those Kids!

From the Stranger Slog:

"On the afternoon of December 12, Seattle police officers were dispatched to my alma mater, Madison Middle School, where a "Molotov cocktail had been used to blow a hole into the floor of the school playground," according to a police report. This playground is "built on top of the roof of one of the school's buildings" and the Molotov cocktail "appears to have burned through the [cement] tiles, causing at least nine tiles to cave in." Police found several pieces of glass from a large bottle in the area, as well as a bottle cap that smelled strongly of gasoline. Officers could not identify any information about a suspect, the report concludes."

Kids, don't you know we have a huge maintenance backlog? Enough already.


Stu said...

Well, if we don't give 'em real science they'll go out and make their own.

Anonymous said...

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