Seattle Weekly Story on Auditor's Report

(Update: I hadn't seen the Times write an article on the audit so I went searching. Apparently one was written, dated July 6th, which is weird because I didn't see it. It also isn't under "Education" or "Local" stories; I had to do a search to find it. Interesting how those beatific stories on the Superintendent are front and center and yet try to find any article that might criticize her.)

I had been a little unhappy with Nina Shapiro over at the Weekly being baffled by why parents and teachers want the Superintendent to go. She seemed to ask, "Where's the beef?"

Now she has a story that outlines the audit problems as well as how the district is creating "corrective action plans for each finding." From her article:

One has to wonder how effective they will be, however. Another beef of the auditor's office was that the district had failed to correct problems it had already identified in past reports.

She did leave out how the audit also singles out the Board and their performance (or lack thereof). She ends with this:

All in all, it's not the greatest news for Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson (above), the subject of mostly flattering Seattle Times profile today who has nevertheless been battered by a string of no-confidence votes from teachers and critical surveys from parents.

I know the Board and the district want this all to die down. We need to keep it front and center and demand to see these action plans for every single finding. (And yes, demand is absolutely the right word - we elected the Board and we all pay taxes.) I have written to the district's public disclosure officer for some more information.


Sahila said…
Other media coverage...
Geov Parrish: The school district's lightning rod


and Sable Verity did a piece on KBCS two days ago, on the Hard Knock Radio segment; didnt get to hear it - when it makes their archives, I'll post the link here.
Sahila said…
Ha - so relevent to what's happening in education...

See here for another (business) perspective on the value of 'performance evaluations/reviews"

Oh, the irony, the painful irony of it all...
Charlie Mas said…
Here's a link to the Seattle Times story. It wasn't even written by a Times staff writer, they pulled it off the AP Wire.

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