Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedgwood Switches Administrators with Eckstein

This from the Wedgwood View blog:

Wedgwood Elementary has traded its principal to Eckstein Middle School for its assistant principal.

It wasn’t exactly a “trade,” a la a couple of sports team, but sort of worked out that way. Denise Espania, who had been Wedgwood principal for two years, announced at the end of the school year that she would be moving on and looking for a new job that allowed her more time to spend with her family.

She’s apparently found that as assistant principal at Eckstein Middle School. She’ll take the job of Chris Cronas, who takes over for Espania as Wedgwood’s principal.

From Dr. G-J's letter to parents:

"Prior to his assistant principal role, Mr. Cronas was a house administrator, an instruction and curriculum coach, and taught overseas in Japan for four years. He is fluent in Japanese. His professional preparation includes a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and English Education from Ithaca College and Master of Education from the Danforth Educational Leadership Program at the University of Washington. "

"This role (at Eckstein) has provided him an opportunity to gain experience as an instructional leader in a school setting comparable to Wedgwood, with Spectrum and special education programs. "

His qualifications make him sound like he could be a very good principal. Good for Wedgwood.

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seattle said...

Has there been any info or announcement as to who the two new Asst. Principals at Hale will be?