Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog business update

I'm sure that all of you have noticed the, uh, notice that now appears above the comment box. I hope that clears up the confusion around anonymous comments.

Also, by request, I have added a "Search This Blog" function. This is in addition to the tags.

Please offer any other suggestions for improving the blog and making it more beneficial for the readers. We're all in this together.


seattle citizen said...

Are there instructions for creating hyperlinks somewhere, maybe on the menu? Someone told me how once, but it didn't work and I lost the instructions. I know people hate to copy and paste (all that effort!) links...

seattle said...

Just google how to make a hyperlink. It's pretty straight forward.

seattle citizen said...

thanks Rabbit, will do! I guess I WAS looking for someone else to do the work!

But I thought it would be helpful to have handy...

dan dempsey said...

SC ... here you go.

note I will use { } rather than the needed < > in this example.

Form is:

{a href="http://www.GotoHereDude.com"} Link to these words{/a}

That will do it.

a - stands for anchor

thus the anchor is Link to these words

href - stands for the reference

thus the reference is


Sahila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sahila said...

OOPs... tried to type out the process for you SC, so you could see it step by step.... but it turned my typing of sample gibberish into live links and took out the detail!!!

dan dempsey said...


In your example use "{" and "}" not the usual "<" and ">" or you will get the parade of gibberish.

Then SC needs to make the substitution of "<" for "{"

hopefully my example works for someone.

Sahila said...

Thanks Dan... try one more time...

SC... I only got it when someone showed me step by step...

Doing what Dan suggested where I type { or } you type < or >

First, copy the link you want to make live...

then type the following where you want to insert the live link:
{a href=

then paste the copied link (no spaces between it and the '=' symbol)

then immediately type:

then paste the copied link location again

then immediately type:

and voila! it should show up as a live blue link when you've posted...

Maureen said...

Sahila says: ...then paste the copied link location again...

I like to plug in a descriptive name there instead of the copied link (like the title of the report I'm linking to, or the organization's name).

Other useful simple html codes are {b} to bold something {/b} and {i}to italicize something {/i} (substitute < and > for the curly brackets.)

Maybe there could be a FAQ link at the top of this blog where instructions like this are archived?

dan dempsey said...

Do not forget the "

Form is:

{a href="http://www.GotoHereDude.com"} Link to these words{/a}

Sahila said...

I dont use the " and it still works, Dan....

dan dempsey said...

I never knew that ....without " it still works.


seattle citizen said...

a great place to buy that one book

Did it work? If so, thanks, all! I really appreciate it!

WV just says, "wurpal."

Patrick said...

The search function is a great idea. I see it is case-sensitive (searching for addams finds nothing, while searching for Addams finds several blog entries). Also, it seems to search only the headlines, not the text of the blog entries or the comments. I do think searching text and comments as well would make it a better resource when looking up what was said in the past.

Thanks to the the blog administrators for putting effort into the site!

hschinske said...

Google Reader allows one to search comments.

Helen Schinske

Patrick said...

Yes, I see that's working now. Perhaps indexing was incomplete last night. Glad to see it's working!

Charlie Mas said...

Folks have been reporting that their comments have disappeared.

I think I have found them in the blog's "Suspected Spam" folder and published them.

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