Latest Update from the SEA

Thanks to Another Mom for this alert. (Please note: italics mine.)

"Earlier this week, we noted that district negotiators said they would seriously consider the latest SEA proposal, which attempted to address our mutual interests in quality teaching while not misusing student test data to fire teachers.

District negotiators returned Thursday and did indeed engage in a serious conversation with SEA to explore our proposal. The session concluded without any tentative agreements being reached over adopting the jointly developed Professional Growth & Evaluation process, but the district did choose to add an extra day of negotiations on Monday. The bargaining teams had not planned to resume contract talks until Tuesday.

SEA supports moving forward with the historic progress already achieved through the jointly negotiated Professional Growth and Evaluation plan. SEA's proposal on Tuesday suggested carving out middle ground by recognizing the district's interest in using test data to help support teachers who may benefit from additional help, while not misusing students' scores as a part of the final evaluation or to fire teachers.

Negotiations continue and no contract agreement is in place. SEA will be contacting our building site reps to attend an organizing meeting scheduled for 4:30 to 6 p.m. Tuesday."


dan dempsey said…
HERE is a nice 2+ year summary of WA DC contract negotiations. This is the likely road map MGJ wishes she could push through.

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