Eye-Rolling a Teacher

Another thing I saw (and I'm sure a lot of you as well), the Sarah Palin eye-roll/look video when she asked a woman her profession. The woman's answer, "I'm a teacher." Whether you call it an eye-roll, a "oh no" look or just plain disrespect, it's there for all to see. It isn't until the woman says she has other jobs and her husband is a commercial fisherman, does Ms. Palin look happy.

Really? Is that what we have sunk to in this country that just saying you're a teacher earns that kind of reaction? Because whatever you think of the union or public education, getting up every day and standing before a classroom full of kids and trying to impart knowledge IS hard work. And no, I'm not saying all teachers are great or saints but c'mon, this woman wanted to be Vice-President and she couldn't afford this woman the respect she might give any working person in this country. (And you have to wonder about how the people who teach her children feel.)


seattle citizen said…
"Whether you call it an eye-roll, a "oh no" look or just plain disrespect"

It's dismissal of teachers generally, and perhaps dismissal of teachers as "those" people (opposition):
Note Palin's ally, in left of frame. Palin eye rolls and turns her head to look at the ally, who is nodding her head. They are agreeing with each other: "THAT explains it"

Hate to get all political, but "conservatives" often characterize educators as "elites" and "book-smart" and "ivory-tower." It's probably true that educators are, for the most part (but certainly not exclusively) "liberal." One can argue about the reasons for this, but the fact that conservatives have made an industry of bashing those who are educated as "those elites" speaks poorly of their campaigns and platforms. In their rush (and liberals do this sometimes, too) to embrace "common people," they delegitamize intelligence. "Better to follow your gut," perhaps as a mama grizzly bear, then to think things out to an educated and reasoned conclusion.

Perhaps it's because education and reason are in conflict with their agenda? hmmm....
seattle citizen said…
It's almost the same thing as the current "think of the kids! Put kids first!" spiel we hear from the reformers. Don't discuss the nuance, the fine points, don't ask for rational discourse or research....think of the kids! Like a mama grizzly bear would!
ArchStanton said…
Funny; in an earlier open thread, I submitted a link to a longer version of this video and offered some commentary about the eyeroll, but it was deleted quite promptly.

I won't take it personally, but it smacks of some uneven moderating.

Just sayin'...
You probably did anonymously or off topic; those are the only reasons we delete.
udubgrad said…
To be fair, I wouldn't make too much of the eye rolling. Pallin's platform on education was very anti-privatization and pro-teacher in Alaska (in stark contrast to our current president).
Since teachers have typically been about 10% of the democrat convention delegates,you can see why she would think--"oh that explains why you have problem with me."
I'm sure she hasn't missed that unions do not support republican candidates.
I, frankly, have no use for either party.
kprugman said…
Could be eye deviation? You know, eyes rolling toward the back of the head.

Palin started doing this when she was 9yrs old. They misdiagnosed her with epilepsy and put her on increasing amounts of depikote for the next 5 years, which had horrible side effects on her personality and never stopped the eye rolling.

Another doctor diagnosed her with a form of tourettes and put her on lexapro. This curbed her anxiety from all her peers and teachers making fun of the problem, but it still hasn't stopped the eye rolling episodes whenever she sees a teacher.

Palin also drives a car, so please if anyone out there knows of a condition that causes this problem, write back to us.
Charlie Mas said…
I enjoyed every part of this video.

I did, of course, love the eye-roll.

Then there was the exchange of knowing looks between Ms Palin and her aide.

I also enjoyed the lame attempts by the bodyguard types to obstruct the video camera. That was high-larious. They kept interjecting themselves and then assuming a look like they just happened to be standing there. What were they trying to prevent? Oh! Exactly what happened - Ms Palin revealing her contempt for teachers.

Then there was Ms Palin's puerile remarks such as "Oh you wanted me to be the governor of Alaska" and "We probably have a lot in common" Those were precious. Why does she even find it necessary or desirable to engage this woman? Why didn't she just walk past?

I also found the overly earnest woman who was confronting Ms Palin to be pretty funny. She was really indignant. Yet, when her statement that she was a teacher was met with obvious dis-approval, she was quick to add other careers to her resume. What a compulsive need to please and be liked - even by the person she (clearly) opposes politically.

Finally the videographer was great. So energetic about trying to get around the bodyguards and finally successful in outsmarting them. I wanted to cheer when the camera went up in the air for an un-obstructed view.

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