Smiling Faces: Sometimes, they don't tell the truth

From Class Size Counts WA:

 Class size is a problem - but the politicians from the affluent east-of-Lake-Washington area don’t get it. These guys have been outspoken opponents of I-1351, Washington’s new class-size reduction law.

Rep. Chad Magnendanaz, R-Issaquah, who led the NO on 1351 campaign, told business leaders from his region shortly after the initiative passed that the measure “is just a letter to Santa Claus.” Sen. Steve Litzow, R- Mercer Island, told the same group that “at the end of the day, 1351 will be repealed.”

Recently the Associated Press reported that Senate budget writer Andy Hill, R-Redmond, and House budget writer, Ross Hunter, D-Medina, seek to circumvent 1351 and keep class sizes high.

So, how do class sizes in their well-to-do neighborhoods compare with other, less-prosperous locales? Take a look. The graph compares student-teacher ratios and poverty rates in the elementary schools closest to Hill, Hunter, Litzow and Magendanz with examples from other parts of the state.
Other factors are worth noting. For example, over 70 percent of the students at Adams are English language learners; Clarkmoor, is located on Joint Base Lewis-McCord, educating students whose parents serve in the armed forces.

Under the new law, class sizes would improve at all grade levels. Schools serving high numbers of students in poverty would receive additional relief and be first in line for improvements.

What can you do? First of all, share this post on Facebook. Second, contact your state lawmaker by calling the legislature’s hotline at 1-800-562-6000.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting. These statistics are sad. It is so hard to know what should be done about this.

Watching said…
Powerful image and very telling.
Patrick said…
Santa Clause visits the rich kids' houses but skips the poor kids' houses!

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