Time to Say Goodbye (for how long, I don't know)

I am prewriting this as I know I won't be able to write it after the fact.

I am taking my hiatus from this blog for an indefinite period of time.  As I said previously, Charlie will try to put up the Tuesday and Friday (and possibly, per a suggestion, Sunday) Open Threads.

I will not be answering any e-mails.

My beloved husband has lost his long and fierce struggle with cancer.

From where we started from - Stage Four more than six years ago - he lasted a long time.  He was able to work almost the entire time and we had several great trips including celebrating our 31st anniversary last September in Paris. 

He was a wonderful father, brother and son as well as one of the best professors at UW (at least if you look at his awards and listen to his students, both grad and undergrad).

I have no words for my feelings.

My best to you all in your own lives and I hope you will consider continuing to work towards better public education for all our children.  It matters. 

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