Truth is, Common Core (and its Assessments ) are Still in Flux

From a school counselor in Oregon:


Pro-sleep Mom said…
Unrelated to this post, but potentially of interest- a work session on Seattle preschool,tomorrow (Friday) 4-5 pm.
Here's the link:[]=12618&&year=2015&month=2&day=27&eid=91208802&sessionid=8eb04f89c42389515123d33031ebba30
BS said…
The prek document is very basic and these issues need to be discussed in committee meetings before the board makes any decisions.

One hour is not enough time for the board to become informed about issues related to prek.

A few things- What is Interagency Program? What are the pathways to alternative certification? TfA? It appears the city wants the district to collect tuition. What about transportation?

These issues need to be sorted out in operations, curriculum and audit and finance.
Anonymous said…
The Interagency program is a drain on the system. It is largely online academy for at risk students. They can work at home or at numerous other sites scattered throughout the city where many are rented in office buildings, former hangers, old portables, old schools too big to handle the few kids who attend. Then we have them dabbling in recovery programs in a the basement of a gym which is clearly conducive to recovery.. given that on Queen Anne there is already a well established program that has SPS cooperation and another in Lake City.

Interagency need to start charging kids for the costs. There is little academics and could easily manage with a sole site and one or two teachers, a responsible well trained Administrator or highly qualified experienced teacher.

Look at the massive staff, the odd backgrounds and qualifications. They shut down one morning a week and the kids go well I have no idea.

One has recently been under a cloud as a student showed up with a gun, but the community is in arms as during the school year petty crime rose and the seasonal farmers market had robberies as well up until the school closed for summer.

There is little difference between the Middle College High Schools and they serve a similar student, at risk and needing credits. Some have them actually reading books and do scholastic work, others just again online learning.

This is just what the reformers are looking for. Kids sitting at computers and the money generated from the data collected, the software programs and in turn the lack of costs of having certificated educators actually monitor and teach the students.

Everyone seems to know someone or have some friend or child who succeeded in one of these but no one has ever set foot in one of them and spent a day volunteering and observing what is going on there.

They need to start footing the costs... it is taking monies needed for legit education needs.

- Fed Up
Anonymous said…
Be careful what you wish for. Maybe students that score less than a 2.0 need to reimburse the school? How would you like that?

It could be argued that many classrooms across SPS are missing legit education.

That's why we need to measure the effectiveness of teachers by how students are progressing.

Why aren't teachers complaining about the IB programs? The programs and teachers are rated by how well the students perform. Whats wrong with applying the same approach to the rest of SPS teachers?

Just Asking
Anonymous said…
My cousin is a teacher at one of the Middle Colleges. It is a lifesaver for many of these kids. Her classes are full of Native American kids who were not succeeding at traditional high schools.

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That Preschool presentation is overly long - for just an hour - but I suppose the Board knows it won't get to ask questions.
Anonymous said…
Fed Up,
I don't see how it gets more legit than keeping KIDS! out of prison.

They are children at risk do you have any inkling what that means?

How do you propose they pay there own way? Perhaps they could rob a few extra farmers market stalls, as you believe they are already doing.

As for volunteering and observing, maybe you could give it a go.

I am nauseated by your lack of empathy for these kids.

Under the Bus

Watching said…
The prek work session materials include an "Interagency Preschool Team". The team provides a framework for enrollment, facilities, teacher quality, and provider contracting.

I share Melissa's and Under the Bus's sentiments.
mirmac1 said…
Friday memo re: SPP
mirmac1 said…
Fed Up
These students are owed an education. Next you will say that those students with disabilities are just taking up space and using precious resources.
Anonymous said…
just Asking,

Curious as to your source regarding IB teachers being ranked by tests - where would one find this data? Thus far, despite months of PDR, cannot find any overview of IB data collected, let alone analyzed - pls direct to source? Thank you.

Fed Up,

What is your history/angle on slamming Interagency and Middle Colleges? Data? Anecdotal? These programs save lives, many I've known, addresses disproportionality of kids counseled or thrown out of comprehensive high schools, have dropped out and returned for another try, have teachers truly committed and dedicated to mentoring, cajoling, pushing, inspiring and counseling non-traditional or at-risk kids - I wouldn't last two weeks - big heros in my book.

Pls. enlighten us as to why these kids, programs and their teachers are unworthy.

Thank you.


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