As an American, I Apologize

I feel like every single American needs to do this and since I have a public forum, even more so.

To anyone from Haiti, El Salvador, any African nation or any nation that is majority non-white, I apologize for the completely out-of-line, undiplomatic, hateful and yes, racist comment by Trump.  

He does NOT speak for the majority of Americans on this point and I say that with a complete belief in my fellow Americans.  We are ALL immigrants and someone let our families into this country at some point (including Trump's).

The United States was built on and is great on the backs of immigrants AND those who were enslaved and brought here.  (Not to mention the real Americans - Native Americans - who were here first and then treated terribly.)

I can also say - with confidence - that talk like that, beliefs like that, are not what we want taught in American schools.


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