Bus Service Threatened (Again)

From SPS:
We want to share the latest information about labor negotiations between First Student and their employees’ union. 

First Student presented an offer, and drivers voted it down Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018. This could lead to a second, longer school bus strike by First Student drivers. We will be monitoring the situation closely and sharing news with our school bus families as soon as we know more. 

Right now, we expect normal bus service on Monday, Jan. 8. If this changes, we will notify bus riding families on school and district websites, on social media, by phone and email and through local news. We advise our families to revisit their backup transportation plans and update as needed. 

We are concerned that First Student's offer didn't meet drivers' expectations. We hope First Student and the union move quickly to resolve their differences Follow Seattle Public Schools on Twitter @seapubschools and like us on Facebook.
Thank you for your continued patience and planning.
Teamsters Local 174
In a spirited and emotionally charged meeting, First Student drivers voted today by a margin of 85% to reject the most recent offer from their employer. A protracted strike appears imminent at this point.
“First Student brought something new to the table, but it was not enough,” Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks said about the vote. “These drivers have already been to war. They know that you only get what you are willing to fight for – and they are willing to fight for a lot more than this latest proposal. They made that very clear today.”


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