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Monday, March 29th
The biggest event today will be the Board Special Meeting Executive Session to pick the finalists for a new superintendent for Seattle Schools. There was no explanation why it went from an open meeting to a closed session.

I have asked when the announcement will be made; I suspect it will come immediately after the meeting which is scheduled from 5:00-5:30 pm.  At that time, I'll put up a thread but I'll hold off on comments until I have fully vetted the candidates.

What to look for?  Not the usual suspects (hopefully).  No one with past baggage.  And now, we need to ask about SUPES, Modern Teacher and the Education Research Development Institute (ERDI).

From a recent article in the Chicago Reporter:

There are problems that can arise when school leaders consult on the side for for-profit educational companies.  

There is a growing issue in Kent School District around this issue and it's something we don't need in Seattle Schools.  And a former Baltimore superintendent, Dallas Dance, was indicted for failing to disclose just such compensation.  He was placed there in 2012 by Ray & Associates.

Equity and Race Advisory Committee Meeting from 7-9 pm at JSCEE.

Tuesday, March 27th
Work Session on the 2018-2019 Budget from 4:30-6:30.  There will be an Executive Committee meeting immediately after the Work Session.

I look forward to seeing a line item for the upkeep of the memorial at Memorial Stadium.

Wednesday, March 28th
Work Session on BEX V from 4:30-7:30 pm

Thursday, March 29th
Public Forum for finalists for Superintendent from 5-8:15 pm.  JSCEE
Also broadcast tv on Channel 26th

5 to 5:30 p.m.  Unstructured time for attendees, board members to talk. The public can submit written suggested questions during this time. These moderator will organize questions by theme and narrow the number able to be asked within the time period.

         5:30 to 6:15 p.m. The first candidate will provide a 5-10 minute introduction and then answer the questions collected from the audience and presented by the moderator.

         6:30 to 7:15 p.m. This process will repeat for the second candidate.

         7:30 to 8:15 p.m. This process will repeat for the third candidate.

Friday, March 30th
The Board will be meeting all day in executive session to consider the finalists for superintendent.

King County School-to-Work Transition Resource Fair at The Commons at Microsoft, 15255 NE 40th St in Redmond from 9 am to 3 pm.  (I'll see if there is transportation provided for this.)

Saturday, March 31st
Director Patu Community Meeting at Raconteur from 9:30-11 am

Director Mack Community Meeting at Magnolia Public Library from 1-3 pm.

Still not a single community meeting with Director DeWolf despite his promise at last week's Board meeting.


Watching said…
The district needs to create a line- item budget to fund IB programs.

When will Director DeWolf hold a community meeting? He has been in office for nearly 4 months.
He said at the last Board meeting he was "planning" a meet-and-greet" and a couple of specialty meetings but a basic community meeting? Who knows? He claims it's because he works full-time.
Anonymous said…
Finalists have been named:

Jeanice Swift, Sup of Ann Arbor,
Andre Spencer, Sup of Colorado Springs Denise Juneau, Consiltant out of Montana

Anonymous said…
Consultant. Jeez.

Here is what a quick google search has come up with:

Anonymous said…

Looks like Dr. Juneau was the elected Montana OSPI before unsuccessfully running for national office. Interesting education and legal background.

Anonymous said…
Looks like Spencer has been looking to move up to a bigger district for awhile:

Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
The School Board has selected the finalist candidates for the new Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools. They are: Denise Juneau, Andre Spencer and Jeanice Swift.

Read more about the candidates here

You are invited to a Public Forum for all members of the community to hear from the candidates on Thursday, March 29 from 5:00-8:15 p.m. at the John Stanford Center Auditorium. It will also be broadcast live on the District’s Channel 26.

You may submit feedback on the candidates by completing the following surveys:

Candidate Denise Juneau

Candidate Andre Spencer

Candidate Jeanice Swift

Please submit any comments by 9:00pm on Thursday, March 29 to allow the Board time to review the feedback. The Board intends to vote at its meeting on April 4 to begin negotiations with a single finalist.

Does it really matter who they hire? There are Seattlites are leaving to Bellevue... It is the cohort....

Anonymous said…

DeWolf "claims it's because he works full-time." OK so knock yourself out. We understand that you didn't understand this would mean less after work hours time for you to pursue your non-work related ventures (like running for something else : see Geary).

Seriously he beat out two committed parents who understood what was needed to do the job. RESIGN DeWolf. Give someone who understands what this job is to do it. Seriously, you should be recalled for saying HCC is 90 white which is a talking point of the likes of FWIW and others here on this blog. Facts matter. Having a factless understanding of the job and the issues at hand makes you truly unprepared. Should have gone after Sawant.

Pope Magdalene

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