The Kids are Alright (and They Are Coming)

Ballard High School
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Gov. Inslee at Ballard
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 Ingraham High School
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Garfield High School
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Karlin MacCorkle, 17, and Iris Lerner, 15, completely ran out of voter registration forms. “We’re the future. We’re the ones who can make change. We’re the ones who can vote out the people who don’t protect our lives,” MacCorkle said. (via The Stranger)

Roosevelt High School
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Washington Middle School

Hamilton Middle School

B.F. Day Elementary via KIRO

The Mayor, Director DeWolf and CM Lorena Gonzalez came to the UW Red Square event where the Roosevelt students ended up.

More photos as I get them.


NW mom said…
Thanks for posting these!

So proud of these kids.
GLP said…
The NY Times has a photo from Roosevelt:

Jan said…
Terrific photos, Melissa. Thanks for posting them. Evidently, the kids are getting under the trolls' skins and making them say stupid stuff! Go Kids!
GarfieldMom said…
Very proud of my daughter for taking part in this. This generation is not just going to go along with business as usual in this country. In small ways and large, they WILL bring changes.
Anonymous said…
Protest on your own dime! Stop wasting our tax dollars. The school resources are already stretched thin.

Tax payer
Anonymous said…
What is the point of public schools but to raise an educated citizenry? This is an important civics lesson, and protest is a founding American principle. Garfield students observed seventeen minutes of silence for the Parkland shooting victims, then followed with a letter writing campaign to elected representatives and a voter registration drive for eligible students and onlookers. These students will be the change.

Anonymous said…
BF Day students are also pictured in the NYT article GLP links to above; they arranged themselves in a peace sign! Proud of all of the students who participated today.

Anonymous said…
Two students including a student from Ballard High School organized and led the protest. And it is just the beginning.
"They didn't tell their parents at first. "At that point, we didn't think it was going to be anything big," Rasaretnam said. But within a day, the Facebook group hit a thousand RSVPs. Since then, the group has grown to 8,200, not to mention the addition of an estimated 450 volunteers and a $16,715 GoFundMe. Now the teens organize through a group calendar and various teams (social, logistics, voter registration, fundraising) on the messaging app GroupMe."
"That day, Rasaretnam and Allard would speak with Seattle Weekly, KUOW, and KIRO 7. Rasaretnam and Allard were offered a chance to meet with Senator Patty Murray staffers, too, but they turned them down. They already met with the senator earlier this month. They had enough on their plates: preparing for today’s student walkout, a town hall with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Saturday, and important decisions within the group about how to incorporate well-meaning elected officials into their work.
"This set-up is a deliberate strategy from the students, one that’s informed by the students’ understanding of how national traumas work."
Ingraham IBX Student said…

Some really fabulous pics from the Ingraham/Lakeside Walkout
Anonymous said…
I went home and played xbox Call of Duty. I love killing those jihadist. Most of us were laughing about how stupid the whole this was. I wounder what will be the next issue pushed by the teachers? I wish the teachers would focus on teaching us what we need to be successful instead of their I hate America rhetoric.

BHS student
Want to know something "BHS student?" I don't believe for one single minute that you are a student. That rhetoric smacks of an adult scared about losing their guns.
Anonymous said…
Crosscut has an article on the walkout for the Northeast High Schools: Roosevelt and Nathan Hale.

It was organized by students at both schools. They met up at Roosevelt and then walked to the UW for the rally at Red Square. All student organized.

Anonymous said…
I am very proud of my child, and all the other students participating in this walkout. I love the fact that these kids are translating their feelings into action by registering to vote, writing senators and other actions. They will be the change.
Ballard Mom
Anonymous said…
Amending the second amendment would require a Convention of the States. I doubt there are enough blues states to pull it off. If people don't like guns then don't buy them or do business with retail stores that carry guns or other products manufactured by corporations with gun interest. You should be demanding that schools, local and country governments be required to report all incidents of threats to the FBI and that the FBI DO THEIR JOBS. When you turn this into an us against them issue you will lose every
time. So pay attention to facts and don't tread on me!

Just facts
Just Facts, the majority of people don’t want to amend the Constitution. We just want guns well-regulated especially since we seems to have a plethora of people who misuse them, both intentionally and accidentally.

Yes, all aspects of the last mass shooting need to be examined including the fact that there was a armed, trained officer at the site who did nothing. But blaming the FBI won’t change what really needs to change.

I won’t tread on you but your rights do not trump public safety and I absolutely believe the Founding Fathers would agree.
Seattle Citizen said…
Ballard students know how to write and how to proofread their writing.
Just sayin'.
Anonymous said…
@Just facts- "“Individual people are going to be there for different aspects of it, but everyone is unified in being anti-school-shooting,” said Keven Wynkoop, principal of Seattle’s Ballard High School."
"“Certainly in a high school there are a lot of conversations around the topic,” he (Wynkoop) said. “We always tell teachers it’s great for them to talk about controversial issues, but they should do what they can to provide all sides, and let students reach their own conclusion.”

Link to article:
Ballard Mom
Anonymous said…

Around fifty Chicago high school students were caught on video running through a Walmart and tearing the place to pieces during the recent national school walkout protests.

Social Justice?
Anonymous said…
I forgot the all important link,

Social Justice?
And that means what, Social Justice?
Anonymous said…
There are reports of an Ohio high school student getting suspended for choosing to remain (unsupervised) in his classroom during the walkout. A CA high school teacher was disciplined for having a class discussion related to the question of whether walkouts on other controversial issues would be treated similarly.

One wonders how many students joined the walkout because they had no other choice, they felt peer pressure to do so, or because it was an excuse to skip class with no consequences. I asked my children what they knew about gun laws in WA State. The answer was very little. I suspect that is true for many students. Perhaps the bigger issue is that there is no shortage of causes for students to support. What gets sanctioned and what doesn't? Does discipline vary depending on the cause?

Anonymous said…
I asked my daughter what the walkout was about, she said they want to get rid of guns. My older daughter asked her why they marched to get rid of a right. This proves how poorly SPS handles every single issue that creeps its way into public schools. No planning, no prep, no broad discussion. I shutter at the thought of anyone working for SPS having a gun at school.

Anonymous said…
Paren-I think you mean "shudder." Most teachers also do not want to be armed. A for blaming, SPS, remember this was a student organized and led protest. Teachers had very little to do with it. Most of us walked out to support our students, but did not plan the event,-TeacherMom
Anonymous said…
Yes, I did mean shudder. It's a lie to say that students organized these events! CNN staff and other adults communicated with school district staff. Seattle was targeted by CNN in collusion with various groups. What happened to just reporting the news and not being the news?

Below is a clip from the letter sent out to schools and teachers we received a emailed version. You can google for the whole email.

If you're planning to take part in the nationalschool walkout, read
By Doug Criss, CNN...

Design: Joyce Tseng, CNN

Updated 2:42 PM ET, Tue March 13, 2018
(CNN) The National School Walkout is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. in every
time zone and last for 17 minutes -- a minute for each life lost in the Parkland
school shooting.
If youre a student whos thinking of taking part (or the parent of one), you
probably have lots of questions: Can the school retaliate? Will it hurt your
chances of college? Can you just stay home for the day?...

Anonymous said…
So proud and hopeful that these kids will take responsibility for their futures and that this experience will show them that they CAN make a difference. It's way past time for common-sense gun safety laws that will in no way conflict with the 2nd amendment. The majority of students walked out at both my kids' schools. Private schools, both, so no blaming SPS for their actions.

The teens leading this movement are brilliantly using the media to leverage their message--it's not the other way around.
Parent, if you are worried about collusion, I'd say we, as a nation, have bigger fish to fry in that regard.

Anonymous said…
I agree with Parent that this was far from a student organized event.

Here's part of an email sent out from our school. Notice the CNN reference and that the school admits the involvement of parents. Oh this is NOT a K-5!

Participation in the Walkout is optional. If students leave campus during the Walkout and do not return, they will be marked unexcused. For additional information on the National School Walkout, attached is a CNN question and answer sheet

10:00 student and parent organized walkout - parent volunteers and school staff monitor for student safety; students who are not participating in the walkout, remain in class with their second period teacher.

Skeptical parent
Below is a clip from the letter sent out to schools and teachers we received a emailed version. You can google for the whole email.”

Who sent this and how do you know it was sent to “schools?” Please send me the entire email with who it came from,

Seattle Citizen said…
I am a teacher and I didn't get this CNN thing. I am the BLT chair and our building did not get this. The CNN bit, above, seems to be a FAQ sheet sort of thing set up by CNN. Seems pretty harmless to me, merely explaining repercussions etc.

Where's the beef?

Schools letting students and families know what's going on is a bad thing?

As for discussions in classrooms around the issue, I can imagine that any educators who did that are damned by some, and any who didn't are likewise damned by some...

Can't win.

Anonymous said…
CNN didn't organize the walkout. They are in the business of getting clicks, and they undoubdtedly knew that a headline on FAQ about walking out would get clicks. This whole kid-led, stand-up-to-the-NRA thing is a big story, and like every outlet, they are covering it like mad. Sells ads. These kids have been masterful in keeping it in the news; if you watch what they are doing and how you will appreciate that they are savvy, even if you don't agree with them.

The impetus for the student action is the repeated murder of children in school, and the lack of any attempt to stop it. That is the true impetus. Why is it so hard to believe that the youth of our nation would stand up and call BS on the adults that are supposedly running this show. Suggesting that this was pushed by the media or adults is a way of discouraging young people who are waking up to their power. THAT's the adult-promoted spin that serves the interest of those opposed to any kind of sensible gun safety legislation.

Anonymous said…
"Despite Heightened Fear Of School Shootings, It's Not A Growing Epidemic"

Complicated, that may be true on paper. But whether it's one mass shooting or three mass shootings at schools, it's too many.

I will not accept that this is just the way it is. We are better than this.

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