Sunday, September 09, 2018

BEX Updates

The district has scheduled several community meetings on the final BEX list.  There are two this week (see Seattle Schools This Week thread for dates/times).

There was a BEX/Facilities Master Plan meeting in late June.  Minutes.

- Director Mack asked about security within the BEX levy and got dead silence for an answer.
Finally, it was stated that there are security cameras at all schools under BEX IV and it should be the same under BEX V.
- Director Geary asked - again - that the Board receive information on every building - updates, building failures, etc. I have heard her ask for this at least three times.  When is the last time a building was touched by either BTA or BEX?
- Elementary school specs were updated in 2015, high school specs in 2016 and hoping to update in fall 2018.
- Director Harris pointed out that the buildings are only being cleaned every three days and that adds to the maintenance backlog and longevity of schools.  She said she'd like to see a price-tag at some point.
-Director Mack asked about what the district owns versus leases.  I find it odd that a director should have to ask for basic information like that.  I do wish directors had a running list of their requests and if any of them have been filled and then refuse to work any further until all of them are done.  This would be the only way that staff would get the message.
- There seemed to be some tension between directors over equity training for taskforce (Facilities Master Plan).
- The average age of SPS schools is (still) 60 years old.  I'd have to cross-check that because there has been a lot of building but it could be true.
- Harris spoke about coordination between the FMP Taskforce and ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Committee).   As a member of ITAC, we have not seen that.

I hesitate to say what I think will make BEX V for sure because although I think staff has a hard list, nothing has been approved by the Board.  It was interesting discussion at last week's Operations Committee as Facilities head, Flip Herndon, seemed pleasant but with a hard-edge about the list.  Chair Eden Mack reminded staff - twice - that the Board has the final say.

I have also heard rumblings that the FMP Task Force put forth some very solid evidence and reasoning for NOT building a new downtown high school under BEX V.  (I concur on this point.)

Director Mack has also pointed out that the racial equity scoring - along with capacity needs and building condition - will weigh in on any picks.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the school district post BEX updates on its BEX page? For example, Lincoln. I'm pretty sure there have been community/planning meetings within the last 15 months, yet no information and minutes are posted. This is community money they're working with. Don't they have an obligation to post info within a reasonable timeframe so the public can see what's being discussed?

Share, please.

Seattle Public Schools Capital Projects and Planning said...

Hi, Melissa: thanks to the commenter "anonymous" on Sept. 10 at 9:19 a.m. in your "BEX Updates" story re: BEX updates on BEX web page. Here they are....

Directly to the page: https://www.seattleschools.org/schools/high_schools/lincoln_high_school

To Lincoln landing page with link:

Tom Redman