Saturday, September 01, 2018

Tentative Contract Agreement by Seattle teachers and Seattle Public Schools

As of about 10:30 pm last night, a tentative agreement has been made.  Announcement from SPS.

School will start as planned next week.

SEA membership to vote next Wednesday.

Details as they become available.


Anonymous said...

The tentative agreement proposes a 10.5 % raise, is that on the base pay or tri pay? or the full salary?


Sr10 said...

Base pay.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Some teachers on Facebook don't seem too happy with the contract but it is a one-year one.

Anonymous said...

The SEA General Membership Meeting won't vote until Saturday.


Seattle Citizen said...

I have been told by SEA that the raise in on the full salary, base and TRI together.
So not including any changes in status (years in service or "lane change" with more college credit, etc) a person making, say, $80,000 last year (base and tri) would make $88,500 this year - 10.5% more.

Anonymous said...

So awesome. No healthcare for subs. While everyone else gets their 10.5%, do your best not to get sick. You won’t be finding any good subs, if you can find one at all. At least you’ll have healthcare though. Let’s not complain about WalMart.


PS. Vote No.

Anonymous said...

That's a huge raise. And not sustainable. In most jobs you only get a raise like that if you have taken on additional responsibilities, done something significant etc.

- Caphill Parent

Anonymous said...

@caphill. The raise is part of McCleary. Teachers went years without raises. Seattle’s raise is nothing compared to other districts in the area.

Anonymous said...

9:21. My name is .Still low.

Adult World said...

Teachers received a 14% raise 3 years ago. They will most probably receive an additional 10.5% increase this year. Total 3 year raise of 24.5$. They will be back next year for more.

Adult World said...

Over 700 teachers will be making over $100K.

Eric B said...

And thousands of software developers are also paid over $100K. I know which category brings more value to my daily life...

Melissa Westbrook said...

Agreed, Eric. It's like some people really don't value teachers.

Former Souper said...

A 10.5% salary increase will cost the district $57M. These dollars can be layered upon an existing 3 year deficit of $68M.

The proposed 10.5% salary increase will trigger layoffs.

SEA will be back next year.

Sen. Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island said last week that the Legislature shouldn’t be micromanaging local negotiations. “It’s their responsibility to have stable budgets,” she said.

Students got 4.5 school days.


Seattle Citizen said...

Adult World -
How much per year do you think Seattle educators should make?
Is 100k too much, in your opinion?

You appear to be bemoaning these salary increases (that many people believe bring Seattle educators towards a real-world salary) but don't tell us why they should make less.

How do YOU think Seattle should attract the best teachers, when other districts pay more and have lower costs of living?

Adult World said...

At 10%, Seattle remains competitive with Bellevue and Lake Washington. I'm unconvinced that it is less expensive to live in Bellevue. For example, Bellevue's average home price is over $939K and the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is approximately $2K per month.

Teachers are free to seek employment in Edmonds, but Edmonds over-extended themselves and are at risk of laying off teachers. Teachers moving to Edmonds would risk loosing seniority and receiving pink slips.

The state caps high end teacher salaries at $90K. Funding models will not favor those with seniority- something I oppose. I believe future funding will push funds out of Seattle, as well.

My question is how will Seattle close a funding gap that now appears around $122M.