Flip Herndon Leaving Seattle Schools

This news comes from the Tukwila School District which announced today that he will become their interim superintendent on November 1.

The Tukwila School District Board of Directors has selected Dr. Lester “Flip” Herndon to be the Interim Superintendent. He was selected from 3 candidates who were interviewed on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018. He will take the helm at Tukwila School District November 1st, 2018.
That he wanted to be someplace else comes as no surprise; both he and Michael Tolley have applied to be superintendents in other districts previously.

What I find surprising and, frankly, not very appealing, is how fast he will be gone especially with a huge capital levy campaign coming up.

This will be Juneau first "gotta get this done" challenge.  My money would be on Richard Best (at least in the interim).

President Harris says she "wishes him the best" and "thanks for the heavy lift and opening new schools."


Anonymous said…
Good riddance

Anonymous said…

no not good riddance. it is good time to take michael tolley with you. throw in wyeth too... oh and kari hanson. how about all those useless ed's and even more useless new principals with an ax to grind. ouch. flip and libros got shit done.

no caps
Anonymous said…
Flip did an adequate job, so it's no wonder he got a job offer first. No doubt Tolley and his various minions have been looking for jobs, but they've been so ineffectual and even detrimental here I'm sure their options are limited.

Anonymous said…
Tolley attempted to get hired as the superintendent in Bainbridge, but wasn't hired. I cannot imagine any district around here would want him. His reputation as being anti-teacher, anti-parent, and pro-charter school precedes him.

BI High
Another Name said…
Best wishes Mr. Herndon.
Elsa said…
Why would any of the royal family be looking for jobs?

Has something changed?

I think not.
Stuart J said…
Especially with today's charter news, Mr Herndon is going to have his hands full with enrollment. Tukwila is a 3000 student district, and there's a charter school in the city that has a lot of students in k1, according to a recent Tukwila Reporter article, and that wants to grow significantly. There's also Rainier Prep. Foster High School has a major addition going on that will add a lot of STEAM space. I think that addition opens next fall.

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