Friday, October 12, 2018

Interested in Hearing For/Against Arguments for Seattle's Families&Ed Levy?

I don't know how many other debates are coming up; this will be my fifth.  But if you are interested, the debate is Saturday, October 13th at Byrd Barr Place (the old firehouse at E.Columbia and 18th and formerly CAMP and Centrestone) at 722 18th Avenue.  It's sponsored by the Squire Park Community Council.

The event, which starts at 10 am,  includes other topics but the Families&Education levy discussion starts at 10:45 am.  I am the against and former Director Stefan Blanford will argue for.

It should be interesting, particularly because this event's format allows each side to ask the other side a question.


joanna said...

Thank you for presenting.

A.Samuelsen said...

Thanks for all the work you're doing to present a view of the levy that others may not be considering. It is worth noting that the League of Women Voters Seattle/King County thoughtfully and closely examined the levy and urges a "no" vote, and that the 32nd District Dems voted "no" as well, with an impressive 33-3 tally.