Friday, July 12, 2019

Board Work Session On Monday

Update:  the Board had the Work Session and apparently feel the need/pressure for more engagement with the public.

Therefore, the Board will still be having the scheduled community forum on August 8th at Rainier Beach High School with all 12 candidates. Then, on August 21st, they will narrow the field from 12 to 3 candidates.

After that, they will also have a second forum on September 11th (venue/time TBA).  It was stated that more families would be back from vacation and school will have started.

The final decision will come not on August 14th but on September 18th.  No idea if the change of dates will impact any of the candidates.

It was reported that the only candidates present were Emijah Smith and Julie Van Arcken.

Apparently Director Mack was not present and Director DeWolf was, of course, late.

End of update

The Seattle School Board will have a Work Session on Monday,July 15 from 4:30-6:00 pm to discuss the on-going process of choosing a successor to retiring Director Betty Patu.  I would assume they will discuss both narrowing the field (from 12 down to say, 3-4) and what kind of matrix they might use in selecting a new director.

Weirdly,  it says it is to be held in the Board conference room at the JSCEE but I suspect that will  be far too small to hold the number of people who are likely to attend.  I look for this to move to the auditorium.


Anonymous said...

This whole process stinks! Just like allowing the general population to elect our district school board member and city counsel member. There should be 1-2 all large members that the whole city vote on but not all.

Rigged again

Melissa Westbrook said...

To note, I won’t be attending the Work Session. If anyone does, please let me know what you heard and saw and we can start a thread.

Anonymous said...

Juneau must be laughing her ass off the situation with the Board. Imagine being completely unsupervised.

Not laughing.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Not Laughing, exactly on point.

Anonymous said...

Who defines how we elect school board members. Is that a city council thing? How can we change that? I'm pretty sure I voted for everyone currently on the "bored" with DeWolf and Geary being huge disappointments.


Melissa Westbrook said...

I believe there is an RCW about electing school board directors. The City has nothing to do with it.

You can go to your legislative reps to ask them for a change.

Anonymous said...

TY. A bridge too far.


joanna said...

Anonymous of rigged again comment, I agree that we need 1 to 2 at-large members for the primary and the general election for the school board, especially since the superintendent is not elected. The city council represents a fairly good model with 2 at-large councilmembers and an elected mayor. I am especially interested in building movement to get that done. At one time they were all at-large.

joanna said...

Also this is another example of why SPS needs to figure out a means of streaming and taping the committee meetings and work sessions.

Anonymous said...

We need to elect the superintendent but only for a 3 year term then cut the board down to 5.

The people

MS Mom said...

They pushed back the timeline for choosing the District 7 director. There will be a 2nd community forum on 9/11, location TBA. Then board will decide 9/18.