Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday Open Thread

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Governor Jay Inslee announces a grant to support outdoor time for kids. Via KXLY:

On Monday, Governor Jay Inslee announced that $1.3 million of funding will be provided for the No Child Left Inside grant.
According to the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, this will give over 14,000 children the chance to explore Washington parks, forest, and outdoor recreational places across the state.
King County will receive just under $450,000.

I will have a new post about the continuing process of finding a replacement for Director Patu.  The district has released new information.

As you may have heard, the Board passed a new dress code policy. There are several schools that have uniforms but some parents, including Sped parents whose children have difficulties with the restrictions of uniforms, have spoken out about continuing the policies at those schools.  While it was reported to the Executive Committee that the majority of parents and staff at these schools support continuing the policy, at least one school - STEM K-8 -  decided to abandon it and apparently many parents are unhappy with that decision.  Here’s a Facebook post about it, mostly from the principal:
Questions were raised about STEM K-8’s uniform policy regarding equity, body image, identity, gender issues, race, culture, self-expression, and sensory needs. Furthermore, for many staff uniform enforcement negatively affected student relationships and efforts to create a welcoming environment. After student and family input, and a staff vote, STEM K-8 will not have a required uniform next year.
Interestingly, despite the majority of families liking it, the majority of students in grades 3-8 do not.

What’s on your mind?


D3 said...

More on DeWolf's City Council race:


Anonymous said...

Melissa, in the thread you closed on the school board candidates, you said you didn’t think calling someone a SJW was a put down. Well, LMGTFY (let me Google that for you): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_justice_warrior.

“Social justice warrior (SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual who promotes socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, and multiculturalism, as well as identity politics. The accusation that somebody is an SJW carries implications that they are pursuing personal validation rather than any deep-seated conviction, and engaging in disingenuous arguments.”

*just sayin

Melissa Westbrook said...

I see that's Wiki.

There is also this:


What does happen is that, for some, who don't keep up, SJW may be acceptable and they don't realize the evolution of the term.

Sometimes change comes so quickly, that it's not on your radar unless you are moving constantly in certain circles.

But going forward, no more SJW for any of us.

But could we just all have a little grace and not assume the worst?

Anonymous said...

That term is used by people who use it as an insult, like they do "libtard". I think caring about social justice enough to fight for it is an incredibly positive trait....while reasonable people argue about how to achieve it. But ignorant people use it to put others down. When people use these terms however, I am grateful, because it spares me the need to read their posts. If they are just interested in insulting people, I find they are usually just closed minded and reactionary.

From the previous thread, re: King's, they are LGBT hostile. Be sure you and your kid are up for that particular strain of "Christianity" before signing on. It's been a painful place for many student, LGBT as well as straight kids who don't like the intolerance.


Anonymous said...

No justice no peace!

You'll figure it out


Anonymous said...

My cousins left King's school because of that. One of their kids IDs as nonbinary and goes by the they/them pronouns. The school was pretty hostile to that.


Melissa Westbrook said...

Those of you who have unkind/hurtful/unpleasant things to say? Go find someplace else to troll.

Anonymous said...

Non binary is a sickness and any adult supporting it should be arrested for child endangerment.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry Melissa that some people choose to travel through life with such hate. I enjoy your blog. And whether I agree or disagree, I still a lot learn from this blog. I am sorry that some have no tolerance for information or opinions that do not fit into their small world views.


Anonymous said...

I think the hate-filled and ignorant comments about LGBT people from the King's supporter here make the point very well. Buyer beware.

If you think this is slander, look up the definition of the word.


Melissa Westbrook said...

HP, is that your opinion or do you have some scientific evidence to back that up?

I don't know what to tell you in general about your statement except to say you'd have to arrest a lot of SPS staff who are supporting kids in schools, no matter their status.

Anonymous said...

Seattle is full of the strangest people now. I don't remember it being that way, but I didn't hang around on Capital Hill, so what do I know.

The idea that people think all the killings are just part of becoming a larger city is an ignorant statement made by people who are insulated from it. These constant killings are only accepted as normal if we let them be so.

Seattle has elected 2 homosexuals in a row as mayor with the first being accused of terrible things, but he was protected even after some very damming evidence came out.

The city loved it's homosexual mayor so much that they played games that now allows Murry to draw a pension of $110,000 per year for the rest of his life and he's in Paris now.

Seems like this city has gone above and beyond for personal rights, but some are not happy and must continue to push the envelope.The one half of one half percent that thinks they are some sort of new species straight out of a cartoon need help not support in their incorrect theory.

Trying to force everyone to accept non binary as a fact is like forcing people to believe in ghost or alien UFOs. Do you want teachers doing that, no then why perpetuate a more harmful falsehood?

This normalization of perversion has to stop and it has no place in public schools where children are sent to learn facts no be indoctrinated.


Melissa Westbrook said...

HP, it's hard to unpack all that.

I don't know who said killings are normal; no one here did.

So what does being a homosexual have to do with killings? Nothing.

Also, it is "its mayor," not "it's mayor." (Sorry, it drives me nuts.)

Teachers don't have to do anything but accept children as they are. Government and schools cannot tell families to fit into some box of "normal."

Clearly this is all your opinion and that's fine. It's just not helping the conversation here. Go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's similar to body dysmorphic disease or anorexia nervosa. Yes, children or adults with these illnesses need and deserve kindness, and respect always, but that does not mean we should agree with thier delusions.

It is a very repressive, double-speak world indeed when we cannot respectfully disagree with someone's delusions, and it is harmful. You would not consider it respectful to agree with an anorexic child that they are fat, that would be wrong and harmful. An anorexic may not listen to you or agree with you if you tell them that they are not fat, but rather dangerously thin, but it is still right, if it comes up in your relationship. It is also right to seek treatment for body dysmorphia, especially when a child is about to cause themselves bodily harm over it. An otherwise mentally competent person should be able to see through even deeply held delusions eventually, when they are ready to deal with it.

Speaking truth in love is the right path, even though it is easier to go along to get along. Social justice warrior is too euphemistic of a term to use when referring to a person that does not allow respectful disagreement.


Anonymous said...

The emperor's new clothes.

--Enough said

Science Teacher said...

HP and Anon

Are you really two different people in a Hive-mind, or just one sad, rather pathetic person, with nothing better to do that say hurtful things without having the dignity to put your name to it. Your comments are the only perversion I see. However, I think that just like Trump does, you are just trying to highjack the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Not a hive mind or a single person! HP seems hurtful, but I am just honestly trying to help children, and don't look forward to retribution for refusing to follow the Seattle group think, and lie. Especially when it would be damaging to children.

Thus Anon