Got Ballot - District 3

District 3 is a bit of a challenge for me; not the most solid/best choices in this race between Rebeca Muñiz and Chandra Hampson.

I'm voting for Rebeca Muñiz in this race.

Hampson is qualified. 

But as I have stated in the past, I could never vote for Hampson.  I have personally felt her exacting judgement on my own racial background and upbringing and I have no doubt if she sat on the Board, she'd do it to just about anyone else, including parents who come to speak at School Board meetings.

Want a recent example of that judgmental tone?  Here it is:
  • Liza’s opponent Eric is a limited issue candidate who has mastered equity speak but has no actual track record in community or in the District to demonstrate he believes in, nor would prioritize racial equity in practice. He showed up ready to co-opt and appropriate the work the rest of us have lived for years so that he can get elected.
Limited issue? You mean like overseeing Operations and budget and capacity? Those limited issues?  And man, the audacity to say that she knows Eric - for certain because yes, she knows all - appropriated "her" work on racial equity issues. Wow.
You hear that tone from Hampson? That's what it will be like if this slate gets on the Board.
Rebeca Muñiz is a new face to the district.  But she has a Masters in Education Policy and Leadership from the University of Washington and has done research on SPS racial equity teams.  If elected she would join District 2's Lisa Rivera Smith as the second Latinx on the Board. (To the best of my knowledge, the Board has never had an Hispanic member.)

The contrast in their speaking styles and manner could not be more different. Muñiz is open and friendly while Hampson frequently frowns as she speaks and is not the most approachable person.

Interestingly, one issue that has come up that also defines them is the topic of charter schools.  Muñiz sent out a press release recently, talking about the budget challenges in the district and how charter schools in the district could exacerbate that issue.
This problem is devastating enough without the added effect of public dollars being diverted to support privately-run charter schools - to the tune of $25.7 million dollars in the 2017-18 FY.
She goes on to explain about Hampson's stand:
Chandra Hampson, has admitted support for charter schools in certain circumstances, based on naive logic, which brings into question her fitness for serving on the Seattle School Board. In her interview with the 36th District Democrats, Hampson was asked her position on whether or not there should be charter schools within the city of Seattle and her response revealed inconsistencies. She says that while she doesn’t support “the industry as it is right now,” there are circumstances where charters can be good options for families. She cites Ashé Preparatory Academy as one of these ‘good’ options. Her response clearly and logically leaves the door open for supporting what she personally considers ‘good’ charter schools in the future.
It's funny because The Stranger also cited Hampson's support for Ashé Preparatory Academy as evidence of her open mind.
But she does have a couple tiny X marks against her: Unlike the education and parenting experts here at the SECB, she's not unequivocally opposed to charter schools, which we despise with all our public-school-loving hearts. Her reason for this isn't terrible: At a meeting with the 36th Legislative District Dems, she said that while she doesn't want to see public school systems privatized, she also doesn't want to deprive parents of the opportunity to send their kids to "culturally responsive" charters like the Ashé Preparatory Academy.
Except that parents voted with their feet and the Academy couldn't even stay open a year. Or a semester.  And all those kids and parents went somewhere - most likely to a true public school.

Muñiz goes on:
A candidate running to serve our students, teachers and staff in the Seattle Public School system should understand this threat to public education. They must be held accountable for the support of a privatized school system. There can be no gray area for subjectively ‘good’ charter schools. We have a growing body of evidence pointing to the weaknesses, union restricting nature, and lack of public oversight for charter schools. We must invest in a quality public education system, in our future as a city, and as a country.
I have said many times that parents get to make the best choices for their kid's education. That's fine as a personal choice. However, the question for candidates is NOT about their personal choice; it's about how they would support the not-one-but-two Board resolutions against charter schools.

Hampson is trying to nuance that but I'm not buying it. Let charters get a toehold on the Board and watch for a move for SPS to become a charter authorizer.

Vote Muñiz.


Anonymous said…
Neither option works for me.
I'm writing in Benjamin Leis.
TyRed, that's also an option.
Anonymous said…
A vote for Chandra Hampson while stating support for those farthest from educational justice is cognitive dissonance at its finest.

Hampson is part of the 1%: multi-generations and multi-family members who attended the most elite universities. Single-income family who lives in Windermere. The epitome of privilege.

On the other hand, Rebeca Muniz grew up experiencing the hardships of those furthest from educational justice including poverty, attended more than 10 schools, and raised by a single, immigrant parent.

Exemplifying the privileges of the rich, Hampson entered the race with $26k in donations compared to Muniz’s paltry $4k.

Whose experience is at the heart of the struggle?

Who’s one more example of the privileged elite buying their way into power while the marginalized don’t have the means to compete?

I just can’t imagine the psychological contortions necessary for faux equity folks to morally justify voting for Hampson.

Vote Muniz

Leis Write-In said…
It is no surprise that Chandra Hampson is supporting the SCPTSA slate. She put out a statement in support of SCPTSA slate candidates. Sadly, Hampson decided to go negative against Blumhagen, Muniz and Harris.

I've not seen such aggressive messaging from a candidate. Given the level of Harris's aggression, I don't want to see this woman on the board.

Leis Write-In said…

Please ignore my last statement. I meant to say: I've not seen such aggressive message from a candidate. Given Hampson's level of aggression, I don't want to see this woman on the board.

Apologies for previous error.
Anonymous said…
Voted for Rebeca Muniz. Hampson is to divisive. I don't see her getting anything done other than sowing discontent.

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Watching said…
You are wrong, NO Harris. Harris tossed her hat into the ring because Middle College closed. She understood that Middle College saved lives. The incumbent, at the time, hadn't done much to protect the school.
Anonymous said…
NO you are wrong, Were you there when she called her opponent a racist? That SPS was Racist? That the board was responsible for everything that she didn't agree with?

I was there and Harris basically repeated those statements at every forum.

BTW 99% of the voters have no idea what Middle Collage is. When Pinkham brought up Middle collage losing it's space at Northgate did you see how rude Harris was to Scott?

I truly believe that Harris is the reason many board members chose not to run again.

She needs to go.

They could make a Sit-com out of the stuff that comes out of her mouth!

No Harris

Anonymous said…
Why drag Liza into the district 3 race? Ok so when Eric Blumhagen was on the Loyal Heights PTA he didn't stick up for SPED when parents at the PTA meeting were opposed in use PTA funding to help SPED students. So 6 years later we are suppose to believe the Eric Blumhagen has seen the light? I don't think so.

Go ahead and ask Eric about the meeting, you will see he is no champion of SPED. He supports HCC first and foremost.

Eric Blumhagen also threw out a dig targeting North Beach's PTA funds conveniently not mentioning his children's grade school (Loyal Heights) a larger PTA fund balance.

Get real
No Harris, you'll have to provide proof of your statement about Harris or it will be deleted. I back up my claims, you have to do the same.

Ge Real, I didn't "drag" Liza into this race. I am quoting what Hampson said to make my point about an echo chamber slate.

Also, could you provide the minutes from that PTA meeting where you claim Blumhagen didn't support Sped.
Anonymous said…
Muniz sounds really great and that is why I am voting for her. I like what she has to say.She has an education policy degree from the UW and I am familiar with that program. She has been educated on the evolution of the history of education in the US, the effect of charters in the US, as well as issues facing public schools. Chandra Hampson has a very different background. It does not make her as good a candidate to understand public education issues broadly, and how the big picture interfaces with issues facing us locally. She is highly qualified and also seems like a decent and fair person.

For Muniz

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