Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Two Great School Concerts This Week

Editor's note - The Roosevelt HS concert info was sent to me and the Garfield HS concert info was in a reader comment.  I cannot find info at the SPS website or Garfield's webpage.  Two high schools have concerts with the Seattle Symphony and the district can't advertise it?

Tuesday 10/22 at Garfield’s Quincy Jones auditorium is a side by side orchestra concert with Seattle Symphony. 


Embrace joy!
Celebrate the good!!
Enjoy the excellence of our public school students!!!

When: Thursday October 24th

Time: 7pm

What: “Side by Side” concert of the Roosevelt High School & Seattle Symphony Orchestras

Place: Roosevelt High School in the RHS Auditorium

Cost: FREE

Who: Everybody is welcomed to attend!

The concert will begin promptly at 7pm. The concert will only be an hour: one piece performed by RHS Symphony, one by the SSO, and then our combined performance of Berlioz Symphony Fantastique movements 4 and 5. Lee Mills, Associate Conductor for the Seattle Symphony, will conducting together with Christine E. Gero. More information about Lee Mills is at https://www.leemillsconductor.com/ and more information about Roosevelt Orchestra program and Ms. Gero can be found at https://www.rooseveltorchestra.org

We hope you will attend and enjoy beautiful music and celebrate the achievements of these fine, talented and hard-working public school musicians.


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Anonymous said...

not sure how large those auditoriums are but the Seattle symphony for free is probably best left to the school community. having gone to school concerts at GHS without the symphony it can be a zoo.


Melissa Westbrook said...

FNH, thanks for that but Garfield itself and the district should have had this someplace.

Anonymous said...

I agree but Garfield does not have the budget for a dedicated person to maintain the school website, a topic which came up at the Freshman Social. How do other schools manage it, does anyone know? My understanding is the official website must abide by all sorts of rules and accessibility guidelines so it may not be suitably handed off to a volunteer, which was one suggestion. Is perfect the enemy of the good here?

Garfield does use an app to push out information daily which seems to have supplanted the official website. I think it's best to have multiple channels though, and the website is publicly accessible.


NESeattleMom said...


That is the link from Seattle Symphony.

NESeattleMom said...
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NESeattleMom said...

I would rather that families bring their younger kids (elementary and middle school) to an outreach concert that is too crowded, than have half the seats empty. My personal wish.