Yet Another Seattle School Struggles With a Principal

Update: apparently this is a draft.  End of update

This time it's Loyal Heights and their PTA is fighting back.  They are organizing to get signatures for a petition and they are asking for documentation from parents about issues they may personally have had with the principal, Geri Guerrero.

Hello LHE families,

We are working toward sending data to the district regarding issues surrounding our current principal and would like to share next steps for those looking to take action.

  1. We invite you to continue to input your stories and upload files (e.g. saved email communications, unanswered emails, incomplete responses) to this Google Doc in preparation for submission to the district by end of this week
  2. Add your name to the petition to be sent to the district with the above data collection aggregate.
Here's the petition letter:
We, the parents and guardians of students of Loyal Heights Elementary School, petition the Seattle Public Schools District, Superintendent, and School Board to remove Ms. Geri Guerrero from her position as principal of Loyal Heights Elementary School, effective immediately.

Over the past two and a half years as principal of Loyal Heights Elementary School, Ms. Guerrero has single-handedly caused a stunning and rapid decline in school climate. She has failed to complete even the basic leadership tasks of a school principal such as collaborating with teachers, creating a safe and welcoming environment in the school, and addressing the academic and developmental needs of all students.

Specifically, Ms. Guerrero has not taken the time to effectively deal with discipline which has resulted in a school culture where students feel they cannot turn to a trusted adult when they are being bullied because they know no action will be taken. This is a direct result of Ms. Guerrero's failure to implement a discipline policy during her tenure here while abandoning the policy that was in place when she arrived. There have been documented instances of parents finding out that no disciplinary action was taken when students have been bullied and even assaulted on school property. This is true for parents of both perpetrators and victims of bullying.

Ms. Guerrero's lack of communication is simply unacceptable. Parents have reported that Ms. Guerrero is frequently absent from important parent meetings where her presence is expected or required such as IEP meetings and school events. Her poor communication and lack of collaboration with teachers and school staff has resulted in a toxic working environment. Our Loyal Heights educators have maintained their professionalism in spite of this situation, but teachers will quit and leave if we fail to act now.
Thanks to the engaged parent community and outstanding staff, Loyal Heights has been an exceptional school; we fear this will not continue to be the case if Ms. Guerrero remains our principal. The academic performance of the students at our school is well above district average due to our amazing and dedicated educators. Parents cannot sit idly by as our principal continues to deteriorate the once thriving culture at Loyal Heights Elementary School.  
We, the undersigned, are demanding as community members and taxpayers that our demands are met without resistance from the school Board. We petition that, effective immediately, Ms. Guerrero be removed from Loyal Heights Elementary and replaced with a competent, collaborative and caring leader. 


Anonymous said…
The guardians of boy bullied in a Los Angeles school district are suing the school district because the principal did nothing to stop the bullying. The boy was eventually killed by a sucker punch from the two bullies. Parents are not letting schools get away with doing nothing.

Anonymous said…
That is really disappointing to hear. Loyal Heights had two exceptionally great principals when my child (now in high school) attended. I hope issues get resolved.

Former LH Parent
LHE said…
While the PTA does support the efforts to make a positive change to our administration, the LHPTA did not approve this petition letter. It was written by concern parents of the LH community, not the PTA.
Uh LHE, the LFPTSA members may not have voted on it but it clearly comes from the PTSA.

To readers, I am told this was an early draft so I'll note that and wait for the final draft.
Confused said…
Geri has not been at LHE since Wednesday October 23. It has been 8 days. When will parents be advised on what is happening. Will someone take her place?

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