Sunday, November 03, 2019

Advanced Learning Survey

In case anyone missed this in the Advanced Learning Updates, there's an AL survey out there.
The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Advanced Learning Task Force (ALTF) is interested in hearing from families about their experiences with Advanced Learning in SPS. This survey is specifically focused on students identified as Highly Capable (HC). Please complete the following survey using the following link:
However, there is nothing at the AL page or the AL Task Force page so I asked Kari Hanson. Here’s what I was told:
This survey is for students. And a “sub-group working at the behest of the ALTF are (sic) the owners of the survey.  So it's an ALTF survey but the district gives no system-wide notice of it? Gee, almost as if they want to discourage participation and then, discount any findings.