Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Special Education News

Dyslexia event tomorrow, November 7th at Green Lake Library from 11:30-2pm
Join me for an informal discussion about dyslexia, the upcoming dyslexia screening mandate for the 2021-22 school year, and what parents other interested parties can do to help ensure schools implement effective and evidence-based screening and intervention for kids with risk factors for dyslexia. This is also chance for parents to connect with other families. While the host is a parent of a child at Seattle Public Schools, anyone is welcome to attend. We will have some light snacks, but also feel free to bring your lunch. We'd appreciate rsvp's for planning purposes, but not required.
Planning on any holiday trips to go see family? There's an app for flight anxiety from Alaska Airlines called Fly for All.
Alaska Airlines’ practice flights for first-time flyers, families and those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including autism, are some of the most coveted experiences to get comfortable with air travel without ever having to leave the airport. But in as little as an hour those events can fill up.

Earlier this month, Alaska launched a free app in the Apple Store and Google Play called Fly for All. Designed for first-time flyers, guests traveling with children, unaccompanied minors and those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including autism, the app will help ease the anxiety of air travel by walking guests through the steps they’ll follow when getting ready to fly.
The Seattle International Film Festival is having their mini-Italian film festival, starting Thursday. There are two films with actors with Down Syndrome playing the lead characters. (They will be in Italian with subtitles.)

One is "My Brother Chases Dinosaurs", about two brothers, the younger with Down Syndrome and the older being told his brother is a superhero.

The other is called Dafne about a 35-year old woman with Down Syndrome taking a cross-country trip with her father.

Also of interest:

A Charlie Brown Christmas, Live On Stage: Inclusive Performance,

Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 4:00 pm at the Moore Theatre in Seattle
We are happy to announce an INCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Live On Stage. An inclusive performance is a welcoming space for all patrons with or without neurodiverse needs. No patron will be asked to leave the performance due to sound, movement or behaviors related to differing cognitive/developmental abilities. This will be a judgement-free environment.
There will also be a performance of Frozen in Feb. 2020 with this kind of performance.

IEP Training Created by and for Parents of Color: Know Your Rights Part II Training
What? This is a training for families and students on Washington State’s school discipline rules set by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Who? This Know Your Rights Part II Training is for parents, guardians, caregivers, students/youth and families.

When? Wednesday, November 13th, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Where? Northwest African American Museum: Studio 1, 2300 S Massachusetts St, Seattle 98144
Child care: Child care will be available for kids 5 and over in the community center's game room. Stipends for alternative child care arrangements will be available based on fund availability for those who pre-register at the link below.

Travel stipends: Stipends for travel will be available based on fund availability for those who pre-register at the link below.

Youth/Student Attendee stipends: Stipends for youth/students (age 24 and under and registered separate from any caretaker) will be available based on fund availability for those who pre-register at the link below. Youth stipend recipients are not eligible for Childcare and Transportation stipends.

Who are we? Learn more about our mission and purpose by visiting our website skcdisciplinecoalition.com
REGISTER at this link by Monday, November 11th: http://bit.ly/3familyrights2019



Anonymous said...

Ryther and Aspiring Youth are showing the film, "Autism Goes to College" on Thursday, November 7 from 7 to 9 pm. According to the website, the screening will be followed by a panel of Autistic community college students. The location is Ryther, 2400 NE 95th St. It looks like they are asking for RSVPs.


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Thanks JG!