Wednesday, August 04, 2021

And Then There Were Two

 Looking at the election results from yesterday’s primary, we see that in District 4  Vivian Song Maritz and Laura Marie Rivera beat current interim director Erin Dury handily. Maritz received 56.41%, Rivera received 23.18% and Dury received 11.10%  And Dury barely beat perennial candidate, Herb Camet, Jr. - he had 8.62% of the votes.

There were 82,883 registered voters for that region and just over 18% voted.

In the District 5 race, candidate Michelle Sarju hammered her opponents. She received 81.60% of the vote with her General Election opponent, Dan Harder, receiving 13.85% of the vote. The third candidate, Crystal Liston got 3.85% of the vote.

There are 74,051 registered voters for that region and about 17.51% of them voted. 

Interestingly, the race for mayor shows the same anemic numbers for voter turnout. Out of 493,453 registered voters, only 89,414 of those voted, which works out to just over 18%.

What do people think of the top vote getters in the mayor’s race, Lorena González Bruce Harrell? And the next two largest vote getters - Colleen Echohawk and Jessyn Farrell - who do you think they will endorse? 


Anonymous said...

GO VIVIAN! The only notable endorsement incumbent Dury got was from the Seattle School Board itself. Is it possible the Board is loathed even more than City Council?

As for endorsements, maybe Farrell will go Harrell (rhyme! Haha) and Echohawk to Gonzalez. Or maybe both will just sit on the sidelines. The business of endorsements is a bit weird as outsiders and I’m not sure either is planning a future run in politics that they need to curry favor for.


Melissa Westbrook said...

So I received one of my regular unpleasant comments but the gist of it was that no one cares what I think.

I’m sure there are tons of people who don’t but clearly, my push and the work of others saw interim director Dury bumped out of office. I found Dury lackluster on the campaign trail and wonder if she isn’t just a little bit relieved to be out of it.

Anonymous said...

Dury failed to vote for the budget this round (THE essential function of the Board) and barely spoke at board meetings. She had plenty chances to show her stuff. Voters moved on.

And what’s up with people being so threatened by the diversity of ideas outside the SPS SJW crows, by new voices on the School Board? This era of toxic education politics in Seattle can’t end fast enough.

Welcome Home said...

I care about Melissa's observations. She has been a keen observer of the district for close to 20 years.

Dury is a caring person. However, it was becoming increasingly clear that she didn't have the time to balance multiple roles. According to one interview, Dury needed short meetings. Anyone that looks at committe meeting agendas etc., understands that there is limited time for discussion, as is.

Under Chandra Hampson's leadership, we're seeing a less transparency and the board majority goes along.

I hope new board members have the capacity to change existing board culture...which includes a certain level of toxicity.