Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Harrell Announces Picks for Advisory Groups

 Some interesting picks for the various advisory committees for Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell.  Full list here.

Under "Education and Youth"

-  School Board Director Brandon Hersey - Wow, if he becomes Board president (and I think he will), he's sure going to have a busy new year. But at least it's not Stephan Blanford. 

- Superintendent Brent Jones - Jones has his hands full as well in the new year.

- Rep Sharon Tomiko-Santos -She's a long-time supporter of public education in the Washington State Legislature.

-Vivian Song Maritz - Something of an oddity given she does not have a high profile in public education in Seattle but she's also a bright, involved public school parent. 


Anonymous said...

This is great to see! Education does not get much play in Seattle politics, for all the benefit it gets from higher ed. Harrell and Song Maritz had some joint campaign events (I think) so this does not surprise me, and way to be proactive and network! Not sure how I feel about Hersey as new President, except that he will be better than Chandra.


Melissa Westbrook said...

Hersey took over the Board meeting the night that the investigation report was formally accepted by the Board. He said NOTHING. He's the sole Black member of the Board and he said NOTHING.

He is also an operator just like DeWolf except he's much better at it.

So will he be a better president than Hampson? Of course.

But if Hampson is elected to any other Board leadership position, abandon hope.

Sunlight Needed said...

I agree with Melissa. Hampson should not be placed in a position of authority.

Board President Hampson has received an unusual amount of bad press! The board would look foolish to place Hampson in a position of authority. Giving Hampson a seat in the Executive Committee-- or providing Hampson with a Chair position would make the board look bad.

It is incumbent upon the board to remember that Hampson was just found to have harassed two senior staff women, began a twitter fight with the mayor without picking up the phone, inappropriately disclosed board votes- before actual vote- to the Seattle Times which publicly humiliated the former superintendent before actual vote and hired an Interim Superintendent without public process...as the Seattle Times Editorial Board pointed out.

Anonymous said...

Vivian Song Maritz' husband Ben is also part of the Harrell transition team, so it does seem there's a strong connection between that family and the new mayor.

Rough Riding

muh said...

I'm not sure we can consider what Tomiko-Santos does support. We have better people in the legislature to rep this need.