Tuesday, November 30, 2021

MORE Killings at an American High School

 America, what have we done?

This is today's shooting at a suburban high school. The kids hear someone knock and say "Sheriff" and realize that it's the shooter and run to jump out windows. 

Today is Giving Tuesday and Everytown for Gun Safety is getting a dollar for dollar match from Michael Bloomberg. Consider donating.

I hang my head in shame. Who does this to kids?


Anonymous said...

Who does this to kids? apparently other kids.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention this yesterday at Bothell High School. School is remote today.



disturbing news

Anonymous said...

Garfield shooting, no one injured.


Bulldog Parent

Anonymous said...

Local news tonight. 5 shootings in the past 12 hours, one near Garfield high school. 2 people hurt, including a 15 year old girl. Rising crime rates homicides and all kinds of violence up.

More disturbing news

Anonymous said...

A 14 year old was arrested and taken into custody three days ago, after making social media threats made at 3 Mukilteo schools. https://www.heraldnet.com/news/police-teenager-arrested-for-shooting-threats-at-mukilteo-schools/