Tuesday, December 23, 2014

UW Climate Change Video Contest

From UW's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, a unit within the College of the Environment:
Climate change is already shaping the world you'll inherit. It will impact all aspects of society and the environment, affecting each of us in a variety of ways. So the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences wants to know: What does climate change mean to you? In three minutes or less, show us on the big screen!Grab your camera, phone or tablet and show the world how you feel about climate change—your vision, your voice. Are you confused, angry, powerless or scared? Or hopeful and inspired to take action?Your video may address the impacts, challenges and solutions associated with climate change at any scale, from your everyday life to the world around you. And it can take on any format imaginable—Claymation, music video, film noir mystery, ballet, stand-up comedy routine, rock opera, documentary...and everything else in between!Prizes!High School Students
  • 1st place: $5,000
  • 2nd place: $1,000
Undergraduate Students
  • 1st place: $5,000
  • 2nd place: $1,000 
A panel of climate scientists, artists and filmmakers will judge the top 10 videos—5 from the high school category and 5 from the undergraduate college/university category. The lucky finalists will get see their hard work on the big screen and meet the judges at a public screening and award ceremony where the winners will be announced.

(Editor's note; if you know a student(s) who would like to enter but does not have a camera, phone or tablet available, either at home or school, please let me know.  I will try to do my best to make something available so that any SPS student who wants to enter this contest, may do so.  Contact me at sss.westbrook@gmail.com.)

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Carol Simmons said...

Dear Melissa,

You said in your last post, that that last post would be your last post...........and here you are again doing good work for all especially students who need a little more assistance.
Thank you
Happy Holidays to you and your family