Updates on Interagency Meeting

From SPS Communications:

John Hay Families and Neighbors Community Meeting
On the Interagency Recovery School Program
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Please Note Location Change: McClure Middle School Lunchroom 
(1915 1st Ave W)

Dear John Hay Community,

You are invited to attend a meeting to learn more about Seattle Public Schools’ Interagency Recovery School Program, scheduled to be located in the old Queen Anne gymnasium building, beginning in early 2015. School district staff will share information and answer questions you may have.

Interagency Recovery School is a small program, designed to support high school youth who are committed to recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. Students have self-selected to attend Interagency Recovery School in order to actively work toward their academic and personal goals, while attending school in a clean and sober environment.

The program will offer the support of specially trained teachers, a chemical dependency professional, other support staff and peers who are also committed to recovery.

The program is based on successful models in other communities and will be the third recovery school site in the region. The school will open with an estimated 10 students and is expected to grow based on need and available resources.

For more information, including frequently asked questions and answers, please see the attached flyer or visit the John Hay school web page at http://hayes.seattleschools.org.

Seattle Public Schools

** Childcare for John Hay families will be available at the John Hay Kids Co from 6pm-8pm. Space is limited. To reserve a spot, call 252-2100 or email wabella@seattleschools.org

Link to SPS FAQ on Interagency (quite lengthy and entertaining reading for both the questions and answers). 

It is not a wide-scale meeting but intended for John Hay families and community members who live relatively close to the program location. Postcards were sent from the district to community members who live within a two-block radius of the old Queen Anne High gym, regardless of whether they have children attending John Hay.

End of SPS update

New fun fact I learned today; the principal at Interagency, Kaaren Andrews, is on the board of Green Dot Washington.  She's listed as a director.


Charlie Mas said…
Oh my gosh, you HAVE to read the FAQs. They are hee-larious. Some of the questions from the community members could only come from pearl-clutching matrons. The District's answers are delicious. They put the questions in their proper perspective: the trash. I am dying to know who wrote them.
Charlie Mas said…
Green Dot has a four-person Board in Washington State. Here's a link.
Lynn said…
I would like to have a drink with the person who wrote them.
David said…
Thank you very much for sharing the FAQs. Very very eye opening.
I know, I know, those FAQs. Pure gold.
Anonymous said…
As a parent alum of SPS high school I can only say that a clean and sober high school sounds like a dream come true. Good for these kids to be making this huge life change. There are hundreds of SPS high school kids out there that should be doing the same thing but haven't been caught. And you can bet some of them live on Queen Anne.

It must also be super nice to live on Queen Anne where no one is in AA or has never had a substance problem. Is it like a co-op arrangement where you have to be vetted before you move in? Awesome!

Shouldn't every school be clean and sober? Queen Anne is lucky to be getting the one school that is committed to being clean and sober.


NW parent said…
The questions from the community make me cringe. Well, some of them at least. Hello - right now the QA kids go to Ballard for HS, where for YEARS there was a well known and well patronized drug dealer less than a block away. (But I'm sure no QA kids ever went over there, mmm hmm.)

Sorry, I really don't feel good about bashing a neighborhood - I actually lived on QA for several years and I know not everyone there is in agreement with these FAQs, but good lord. The property values and gang membership and vandalism questions are just so disheartening. And my "favorite" was the question where they asked what SPS was going to do about people who will be pulling their kids from John Hay and will they have priority somewhere else. Um, your privilege is showing.
QA Rez said…
I'd love to *buy* a drink for whoever wrote those answers! Facepalm city.
Dusty said…
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Florahmelda said…
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