Operations Committee Meeting This Week

The agenda is now available for the Operations Committee meeting this week.  There are several items that could give insight about the direction of capacity management and capital renovations.

One is the semi-annual BEX Oversight Committee report.  This is generally short and quite dry but who knows?  The Committee members may have some compelling insights (especially if they got asked their opinions on the acquisition of the Federal Reserve building).

Two, is a report from Flip Herndon about that very issue of acquisition of the Federal Reserve building. Will the district put in a bid?  They discussed this with the Board in Executive Session.  Opening bid minimum on Dec. 5th was $5M with a $100K deposit required.   There are, so far, no bids on the building.  The government requires an all-cash payment for final sale.

Three, there is the "Capital Semi-Annual report update" also from Flip Herndon.

There will also be a Bell Times Taskforce update from Pegi McEvoy. 

I also note a bit of a red flag in the form of an item about Loyal Heights and "capacity flexibility funding."  Is this money they need for the project or are going to pull from the project?


Anonymous said…
Melissa - your "agenda" link is accidentally going to a piece on the Stranger ;) good piece but thinking you meant this


done that few zillion times in my life ;o)

Anonymous said…
Wow, no one want's the Federal building for a mere 5 million, that speaks volumes about the fitness of the building and its location.

pusen reelgud
Moan A said…
I'm NOT surprised that no one has offered a bid for the Federal bld.

The feds were looking for deep pockets and the district fits that bill.

That building is LOADED with asbestos and it is going to take a boat load of cash to fix this building.

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