Friday, January 20, 2017

Banda to Leave Sacramento Schools

Well, that didn't take long - 30 months in fact.  From the Sacramento Bee.  

It's unclear what he will be doing next. 


Anonymous said...

Pray god HE DOES N O T come back here!!!

He was totally DO NOTHING dude.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for Sacramento -- Banda ONLY went there to squeeze in a wee bit more time because by doing so he was going to MASSIVELY bump up his California pension.

Guess he only need about -- what -- 24 months or so to do that? And, now that he has achieved his goal, he doesn't care. The way he just "dialed it in" when he was in Seattle must have been his way of doing things there too. Wonder what compelled Sacramento to turn the screws and make his cushy job something he needs to quit without another job lined up.

He was lazy when he was here. Showed up maybe at 9, left every day by 5. Meanwhile, his people were working their butts off (not effectively, but I give them credit for putting in a lot oh hours trying to manage the district).


ConcernedSPSParent said...

Local news outlets complain about superintendent turnover however I never heard any parent complain that Banda left too soon.

Anonymous said...

WOW.... and the other candidates, that were not selected as Supt. when Banda was selected, where are those candidates today?

It seems to me, that the Supt. must attempt to keep as many folks as happy as possible, which often has little in common with running a highly efficient system that provides great learning opportunities for each student.

To improve a system requires the intelligent application of relevant data. -- W.E. Deming

Few decision-makers are interested in relevant data. OSPI and many education institutions have done very little to plan for the collection of relevant data much less use it.

Most Education data in regard to curriculum is poor. The Instructional Materials market is more about selling than results.

So what is a Supt supposed to do?

-- Dan Dempsey

Elsa said...

No senior staffat SSD "worked their butts off" while Banda was here, nor since.

Elsa said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe he is planning to start opening up more Trump charter schools.


Outsider said...

The problem is, a large urban school district is nowdays primarily a giant identity politics cage match. A supt. has to please all the identity factions and still deliver something resembling education. No one can do it. No one smart even wants to try.

Anonymous said...

Outsider -- yup you have nailed it for the SPS, with giant identity politics cage match.

But nearly same is true nationally when it comes to US Dept of Ed.

Take a look at Duncan and King.. the agents of nonsense.
Folks are apparently critical of DeVos as if she could be worse than those two.

Speaking of politics cage match. Check out the advocacy of Colleges and Universities in regard to improving instruction and improving instructional materials. Much of the complete BS comes directly from Ed Depts. These gurus are
not interested in perfecting the techniques of instruction as there is grant money and more to be made with the shilling of new unproven theories.

The current idea is that schools need to be improved but apparently not by intelligently perfecting teaching through continuous improvement. Rather the firing of teachers and administrators as legislated through the 4 turnaround models, which wasted $3 Billion.

The obvious move is to improve instruction using proven techniques but the obvious is not attempted or funded, as the real bucks to be made are elsewhere.

Ed school profs are just not into producing better technicians as the belief is that philosopher-kings make better teachers. NSF grants do not fund the perfecting of materials and techniques known to work. NSF grants remain the goose that lays golden eggs for Colleges that develop cutting edge instructional materials that rarely work.

This system is so misguided and corrupt there is little hope for improvement.

Teachers who produce great gains in students by using traditional effective techniques are criticized for not being team players and adopting the unproven strategies being pushed via top-down dictatorial nonsense.

-- Dan Dempsey

Anonymous said...

He always seemed a little bit isolated up there in his office suite, but, so far as interacting with community groups went at least he appeared to take an interest and was available. Nobody can say the same for Nyland. He does not even try. It's like there is a secret agreement with the Board that he's here so long as he doesn't have to provide leadership.


not mc-t said...

well said walleye.

no caps

Eric B said...

DeVos can absolutely be worse than Duncan or King. She'll see your charter schools and testing and raise you vouchers for religious schools plus guns in the classroom and no services for disabled students.

I didn't like a lot of stuff Duncan did, but let's not confuse bad policy with ignorance mixed with truly terrifying. At least Duncan believed in the concept of secular public education.

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