Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CTE Survey

From SPS Communications:
The Skills Center of Seattle Public Schools is asking students and families to take a brief one-page survey about current and future courses being offered. The Skills Center offers free classes to high school students looking to explore and prepare for different career fields by taking courses led by industry professionals. These courses are offered during the school year and in the summer.
The Skills Center offers courses in aerospace, auto technology, nursing, digital animation, construction, culinary sciences and more! These classes enable high school students to gain skills in different careers, for free, while attending high school. If a course isn’t offered at your school, free transportation is provided.

In many cases, students can earn college credit. Some courses also offer industry certification upon completion. Help us serve more students and make advanced Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities accessible to all by taking this brief survey by January 27th.

For more information about the Skills Center visit the Skills Center homepage.
This was posted yesterday and so the district is taking about three days for this survey.  Good luck with that.


Stuart Jenner said...

People should take a look at what neighbor school districts offer. For example, the Puget Sound Skills Center in Burien serves students from Highline, Federal Way, private schools, Maple Valley and elsewhere. They are building a major new facility for students interested in health careers. Notably, they offer an Oceanography class that enables students to earn credit from the University of Washington for Oceanography 103. The class is offered in the summer and also during the school year.

Skills centers can be more than just traditional vocational career training.

Anonymous said...

I have an 8th grader and I was emailed the survey on Jan 17th, so that's not so bad.


Melissa Westbrook said...

Phoenix, thank you for that. I wish I had been given this notification sooner because I would have published it then.

Anonymous said...

My 8th grader said they also filled in a survey at school. It sounds like this is not a new program, although I've never heard of it before. I wonder if they are promoting it more because students may need the summer classes to get their required 24 credits?

Mom of 4

Josh Hayes said...

In some districts, CTE classes are taught within the regular ol' curriculum. I, for example, teach an anatomy/physiology class in the Lake Washington SD that is cross-listed as both a science credit and a CTE credit. We also have a number of computer-related classes, a forensic science class, and a very active CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class. It's a great way to illuminate careers for students, careers that may well not require a long stint in college.