Friday, January 20, 2017

Student Walkouts on Inauguration Day

Apparently, some students at Jane Addams Middle School walked out of school just before noon and joined with students from Nathan Hale High School who were also walking out in protest.

From the principal, Paula Montgomery:
Seattle Public Schools security, non-teaching staff and officers from the North Precinct will be monitoring the students during this walkout. Many students are planning to return to school after the rally at Nathan Hale.

Please talk to your students about your expectations for them with regards to this walk-out. While school staff will monitor the activities on campus, once students leave our campus there will not be school supervision. Should students wish to return to school after the rally, they should enter through the front doors and sign in at the main office in order to get a pass back to class. 

I want to be clear that this is not a school-sponsored event. This is a demonstration planned by students as an expression of their right to peacefully protest. Students who choose to stay at school will continue in their classes as normally scheduled. Students who do participate will be marked absent and this has been communicated to them. This is an unexcused absence and classwork make-up is dependent on the classroom teacher’s policy. 

We all know that this a contentious and divisive time in our country’s history. However, I want you to know that at Jane Addams Middle School we are committed to celebrating, empowering and unifying our diverse community of students and staff.
What did you hear/see at your child's school today?


Anonymous said...

I saw brave children standing up for democracy and lots of sheep sitting in their chairs ready to be "good Germans"


Anonymous said...

Wow, FightNow. That is very judgmental. Some parents and their children may not choose to walk out of school. Maybe they are against the future policies of the new president, but maybe don't want to miss out on learning.

Anonymous said...

TOPS K-8 held its MLK Assembly in the morning. In the afternoon, elementary students participated in a school program called TOPICs, where multi-age groups of students work with teachers, parents or community members on specific themes. Today's TOPICs were all related to social justice themes -- some groups went off campus to work at food banks or homeless shelters; others met at school to learn about environmental issues, food issues, the difference between equity and equality, mock trial, and more. The middle school students had a social justice teach-in for the afternoon focusing on topics that students care about and teaching students about citizenship and how to become involved in their communities. I was proud of the TOPS community for designing a day devoted to the meaning of citizenship and making positive contributions to our community. As a parent participant, it helped me get through this day.

TOPS Parent

Anonymous said...

My JAMS HCC student walked out today and during the previous walk out.

He was clear as to why he did. He was equally clear about what were not his reasons for his walking out.

He didn't walk out to protest Trump's questionable election (given the alleged targeted outsider hacking intervention), nor did he walk out to protest Trump and his policies -- things he is against for various reasons, including Trump's lack of experience and previous governmental/legislative positions. He didn't participate because he thought it would "make a difference" or send some "message" to "somebody".

He DID walk out because he says he's heard real fear expressed by fellow JAMS Jaguars. Muslim Jaguars, who he hears have said they are afraid of what could happen or will happen. HE WANTED THEM TO KNOW THEY ARE N O T ALONE.

He wants them to take heart and SEE that fellow students stand with them in opposition to hate, in affirmation our our cherished 1st Amendment.

He knows silence is complicity, so he spoke today with his feet for them, expressly.

He knows that if he sees something, he says something. So he walked today because he's seen something, so by walking he was saying something. Banning Muslims? Who says that, even in rhetoric?!

We all have to have each other's backs. That's why he walked. That's why we're are proud.

He knows the Niemoller writing, he a concentration camp victim, about how "they came for me neighbor...". Our son knows that we are all neighbors, regardless of where we live.

He can hardly wait to vote and serve on juries, even though it is 6 years away for him.


Anonymous said...

My older child walked out for the same reason as the above poster's son, although he was a bit less articulate. I was impressed that the kids figured out how to organize much more effectively for the second walkout. I did want to hear that he had a rationale other than skipping school. My younger child chose not to walk out and I don't appreciate 11 year old children who aren't yet developmentally ready to take on political identities being insulted and shamed. I support both of my kids, and I adore their school.

Jams proud

Eric B said...

My child chose not to walk out of Hamilton. Before you think that she is some kind of shrinking violet ready to roll over, she has given public testimony at the School Board, was at the Legislature on Monday, and will march tomorrow. She chose to focus her efforts where they would be visible and useful, and I support that decision.

Anonymous said...

FightNow, you have a lot to answer for. Your snarling judgmental attitude has gone a long way toward getting Trump elected.

We support the walking protesters, kudos to them! My kid walked out at the election as well. But after having been out of school a week with the flu (despite a flu shot) I asked my child not to participate. Also, one of my kid's teachers scheduled a guest speaker that the students were very interested in hearing.

FightNow, there are other ways to fight than your especially approved methods. Will you still have the same energy a year from now?


Anonymous said...

In West Seattle:

-- Marceline

Anonymous said...

I walked out because students shouldn't have to be afraid of their government. They shouldn't need to do this. But we did. We knew what we were doing and I don't regret anything. I don't regret standing up against hate. And standing with people who only want to spread love. We didn't do it for no reason. I won't judge you, so don't judge my choice, our choice.

Anonymous said...

Why walk-out? Scared yet?

Trump's transition team has reportedly instructed those in charge of maintaining America's nuclear arsenal to pack up and go on Jan. 20. An unnamed Department of Energy official, speaking with Gizmodo Monday, said that Trump ordered Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Frank Klotz and deputy Madelyn Creedon Friday to vacate their posts whether or not a replacement plan was in place. (more)


White male said...

My son did not walk out because he felt that protesting is a waste of time. He said Trump isn't going to care that people are marching around.
I have to agree with him.

Anonymous said...

I wish my child had been able to watch the inauguration live at school. What a missed opportunity for civic engagement. No matter your political affiliation, shouldn't you be interested in the message the president sends both here and to those watching from abroad? Thinking critically involves respectfully listening to those with whom you may disagree. A local news station went to Foss High School in Tacoma where their teacher had shown the inauguration as part of class - how odd that that is seen as newsworthy, and it is considered acceptable here to selectively stream inaugurations based on teacher sentiment. What message are we sending to students? Seeing pictures of marches held all over the world, in solidarity with those marching in DC on Saturday, was a powerful reminder of the need to stay educated and involved. The address was watched all over the world, but my child sitting in a US school was kept ignorant.

-SPS bubble

Lynn said...

Is your child unable to access the internet? The inauguration can be watched online at any time.

Anonymous said...

Kind of missing the point, Lynn.

-SPS bubble

Melissa Westbrook said...

SPS Bubble, well, I'm pretty sure most classes did talk/announce the inauguration but I'd bet most did not show it. I don't think Lynn missed anything; she just pointed out that any child that could access a computer could see the inauguration, whether it was real time or not.

Anonymous said...

There is a valid point to be made that while the schools/teachers in Seattle share my political philosophy for the most part, if they did not, and behaved as they have been, it would be alienating and upsetting. If we won't enforce a principle when ignoring it pleases us, then it is not a principle at all. It reminds me of how defenders of free speech had to defend the vilest pornography, because the speech that needs protecting is not the kind everyone enjoys hearing.


Lynn said...

If I wanted my children to watch the inauguration in real time, I would have kept them home for the morning. I don't feel that Trump's speeches are appropriate for my anxious elementary student and my high school student is alternately enraged and depressed by the whole situation so this wasn't a priority for me.

I don't understand your desire for your child to view the event in class. In a city that overwhelming rejected his candidacy, if I were a Trump supporter (gag), I would hope my children's teachers were not addressing politics in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting only a Trump supporter would wish to watch the inauguration? That's pretty narrow thinking. Interesting that that is the assumption. Even more perplexing is the suggestion that you wouldn't want a teacher addressing politics in the classroom if they differ from your own - is it then okay to address politics that agree with yours?

SPS bubble

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