Thursday, January 26, 2017

Try To Do This Today

Please consider calling Washington state Senator John Braun at (360) 786-7638 and ask him to schedule a hearing and vote on the senate floor for HB 1059.

I called today and explained about this blog and the aide said they are "getting a LOT of calls" so please keep it up.  


Anonymous said...

Speaking of a lot of calls:


Anonymous said...

Speaking of DeVos:

Public education advocates are demanding another hearing on Trump nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, after her dismal performance in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee (HELP) January 17th and after the late release of her ethics report on January 20th.

The report, available here, details some 102 companies that might pose a conflict of interest for DeVos and sheds new light on the nominee's investments and ethics. (more)


Melissa Westbrook said...

Yeah, and if they confirm her and then it's found that she still has conflicts , what then? She should withdraw.

Watching said...

Senator Maria Cantwell has not taken a position on DeVos. Please call her at 202-224-3441 and urge a NO vote.

Eric B said...

Speaking of lots of calls, Maria Cantwell hasn't yet taken a position on DeVos. Readers of this blog might wish to let her know what they think about that. Cantwell's Seattle office number is 206-220-6400, but it was utterly jammed when I called. I got through to the Everett office (425) 303-0114 or you could also try Tacoma (253) 572-2281.

Anonymous said...

I just called 206-220-6400 and got through.

alex said...

Call Cantwell's DC office...202-224-3441. You'll get through. I reminded her aide that Seattle voters are watching this closely, and that we are aware that she's up for election in 2018.

I also asked what piece of information she was waiting for before making up her mind. A meteor shower? What could it be?

Anonymous said...

Called. They asked my district, that was about it.

Melissa Westbrook said...

I called and explained:

- she's not in any way qualified
- too many conflicts of interest that have not been cleared/explained
- the NAACP says no
- she seems to not understand/know that students with disabilities DO have to be served

Watching said...

Adding to Melissa's list:

-DeVos did not attend public schools.

-DeVos's children did not attend public schools.

-Devos is not qualified to manage a $1 trillion dollar student loan office

-DeVos supports vouchers.

-The DeVos family has a long history of supporting groups that espouse anti-gay rights views.

Anonymous said...

Cantwell is voting no on Devos.

- No Devos

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jet City mom said...

Cantwell stalled, IMO, because she wanted more of her constituents to put themselves on her mailing list. ( for fundraising purposes?)

Why go to them, when they can come to you?