Thursday, January 26, 2017

URGENT: Levy Cliff Bill May Get a Vote on Saturday

Update 2: So much for that.  A great account from the News Tribune about how the Dems attempt when down in flames.  They did try but I am very puzzled that one Dem left before it was done and the Lt. Gov. didn't follow thru (he may have had a reason.)

So if the Senate refuses to hear the levy cliff bill, down the district tumbles.  I have to laugh at the argument that the "real" work is McCleary and the levy cliff is a "distraction."  Nearly every single legislator has a school district that will be affected by the levy cliff and boy, when it happens, I hope their constituents howl.

Oh, there was this:
On Friday, Republicans released an education plan that would eventually avoid the levy cliff if passed by the Legislature.
There is analysis of their plan to be done but the early issue you can see is that Seattle will take it on the chin, property tax-wise. 

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Read more here:


A great map from WA Dems showing legislative districts and then, the school districts in them and how much money they would lose via the levy cliff.

I highly recommend calling
  • Senator Zeiger (Puyuallup SD will ose nearly $9M), 
  • Senator Rossi (Bellevue will lose $10M, Lake WA SD will lose $4M, Redmond will lose $4M), and Mercer Island SD will lose nearly $3M)
  • Senator Miloscia (Federal Way SD will lose nearly $8M and Auburn will lose nearly $7M.)  
Remind these senators what this could mean for their own school districts to lose that kind of money.

We can do this!  As Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over until it's over."

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The Dems in the Legislature have decided to go for broke.  From The News Tribune:
Sen. Marko Liias, D-Lynnwood, said Senate Democrats have identified ways they can bring legislation to the floor without the aid of Republican Senate leaders.

But Democrats are hoping that Republicans agree to bring up the measure, House Bill 1059, using the normal channels, so that such an action isn’t necessary, he said.
It appears that the vote would take place on Saturday.

Read more here:
From Washington's Paramount Duty:

The State Senate will vote on Friday morning at 10AM on an important procedural motion that, if adopted, would allow a vote on the bill to delay the levy cliff soon afterward. We need to flood Senate offices with calls urging them to bring this bill, HB 1059, to the floor and then to vote yes on it.
Need to find your Senator or their phone number? Click here and urge your Senator to immediately pass the bill to delay the levy cliff!

If you need a script: “Hello, I am your constituent from [name your city or town]. I need you to vote to bring HB 1059 to the floor and vote for the bill. We must delay the levy cliff so that teachers don’t get fired and students don’t lose important classes and programs they need to succeed. I know you have the power to save our schools from financial peril and I need you to lead on this."

Call your Senator right now and urge them to immediately pass the bill to delay the levy cliff! Click here if you need to find your Senator or their phone number.

Below are some of the Senators who most urgently need to hear from the public. If even just one of them votes yes, the bill can pass and our schools will be saved from the levy cliff. If you or anyone you know lives in any of these legislative districts/areas, please ask them to call their Senator right now! 

 (Editor's note: Fain, Rivers, Schoesler are not going to flip; I would not bother with them.  Zeiger and Braun are good bets.)

Hans Zeiger
25th LD: includes Puyallup, Fife
360 786-7648

John Braun
20th LD: includes Chehalis, Centralia, Castle Rock
360 786-7638

Joe Fain
47th LD: includes Auburn, Kent, Renton, Covington, Federal Way
360 786-7692

Ann Rivers
18th LD: includes Vancouver, Ridgefield, Camas, Battle Ground, Washougal, La Center, Hockinson
360 786-7634

Mark Miloscia
30th LD: includes Algona, Auburn, Des Moines, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific
360 786-7658

Jan Angel
26th LD: includes Bremerton, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Lakebay, Purdy
360 786-7650

Dino Rossi
45th LD: includes Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Woodinville, Duvall
360 786-7672

Maureen Walsh
16th LD: includes Walla Walla, Prosser, Horse Heaven
360 786-7630

Mark Schoesler
9th LD: includes Ritzville, Pullman, Colfax, St. John, Asotin
360 786-7620

Phil Fortunato
31st LD: includes Enumclaw, Buckley, Bonney Lake, Auburn, Sumner, Edgewood, South Prairie, Wilkeson and Carbonado
360 786-7660

Brad Hawkins
12th LD: includes Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Twisp, Winthrop, Leavenworth
360 786-7622

Randi Becker
2nd LD: includes Eatonville, Yelm, Orting, Graham, Roy, Rainier
360 786-7602 305

Lynda Wilson
17th LD: includes Brush Prairie, Orchards, Cascade Park East (Clark County)
360 786-7632

Curtis King
14th LD: includes Stevenson, White Salmon, Naches, Goldendale, Tieton, Roosevelt
360 786-7626

Barbara Bailey
10th LD: includes Stanwood, Camamo Island, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, La Connor
360 786-7618


SPS Mom said...

I just made 5 calls and either spoke with someone or left a message. The aides have all said that it's been a pretty busy day....

Anonymous said...

Here's the response I got from Ziegler from my advocacy a few days ago. I wonder what that comprehensive school funding plan might be?

"Thanks. We are planning to release a comprehensive school funding plan that will include provision for the levy cliff very soon. I appreciate your advocacy."


Kate said...

I called Ziegler's Office 360 786-7648, and the aid was extremely rude. I have called many offices and the aids have always been courteous even if they don't agree.

When I said I was calling to urge the Senator to delay the levy cliff, the aid replied, "A lot of people are calling about this, and I have no idea what you are talking about."
I said, "This is important and effects our children's lives. It is important you understand if you are fielding calls. Can I explain it to you?"
He said, "I get it. You are just reading from a script."
To which I countered, "Actually, I do not have a script. I have two kids in public school and care about their future."
Very curtly he said, "Where are you calling from Kate? Can I get your address?" Obviously trying to see if I was in his constituency (which I am not), and then he said, "I am very busy, I don't have time for your call." And hung up.
So, if you have contacts in Puyallup and Fife - please urge them to flood this aid with calls so he can not be dismissive of this issue!

Anonymous said...

Kate said ....

Concerns an interesting thought ... "Are you in my legislative district?"

Should a Senator have an interest in the facts or simply an interest in weighing constituents responses by volume?

-- Dan Dempsey

Watching said...

Senator Mullet was absent! If Senator Mullet was present, the levy cliff would have been delayed.

The Dems shoot themselves in the foot- again.

Kate (Belltown) said...

We are going to our 36th LD town hall this afternoon because we want answers on why the D's bungled this opportunity.

Ranazha Young said...

Thank you for giving me hours of enjoyment! Your blogs are interesting, beautiful and exciting.


Watching said...

Thank you, Kate (Belltown)! Mullett is the Assistant Whip of the Democratic party and he missed an incredibly important vote!!

I encourage individuals to contact his office and express dissatisfaction. His number is 360-786-7608.

For what ever it is worth-- Mullett was heavily backed by Stand for Children and Democrats for Education Reform.