Thursday, August 17, 2006

Customer Service?

On July 9th, I wrote the following message to Jane Westergaard-Nimocks and Lynelle Ross, the Director of Human Resources and the Asst. to the Director of Human Resources at Seattle Public Schools, The HR Director is identified in the District's 5-Year Plan as being responsible for the implementation of many changes in the principal selection process.


Concerning principal assignment, the Detailed Action Plans for the district's 5 Year Plan says the following things would happen:

  • Meet with Superintendent, CAO, Education Directors and HR to debrief the 2003-04 Principal Selection Process and Timelines. (HR Director)
  • Meet with the PASS Resolution Team (5 PASS and 5 District team members) to review 2003-04 Principal Selection Process and Timeline, review recommendations from Superintendent committee, determine what worked and what needs to be changed, and develop recommendations. (Labor Relations Director)
  • Take PASS Resolution Team recommendations to PAL Committee for review, discussion and possible development of a public review process. (HR Director)
  • Implement 2004-05 Principal Selection Process and Timeline. (Human Resources)

Did these things happen? And if so, what were the results? What is the official assignment policy currently?

I think reconsidering the principal assignment and selection process (at least as I have observed it being implemented -- I couldn't find an official policy) should be a high priority for the district.

I look forward to hearing from you about the details.


In addition to two "Out of Office" auto-replies, since both people were on vacation on July 9th, here is the only other response I've received, which came on July 12th:

Dear Ms. Bakeman,

Jane Westergaard-Nimocks is out of the country and is due back the week of July 24. I'll bring your inquiry to her attention when she returns.

Thank you.

Lynelle Ross
Asst. to the Jane Westergaard-Nimocks, Director of Human Resources
Seattle Public Schools


Many business and government offices I know of have policies requiring response in a certain amount of time (24 hours of 3 business days, etc.). What is the Seattle School District policy? Why is it not a priority to respond to community inquiries?

Ms. Westergaard-Nimocks has been back in the country for almost 4 weeks. I expect better customer service than that from our school district. Communication and responsiveness to community members has to improve.

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