Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Phase III of Closure & Consolidation Process?

Charlie Mas posted this info on the Spectrum Yahoo group:

In a document provided to the Board Executive Committee on 7/8/06, Holly Ferguson laid out the process and timeline for the Phase II of closures. In that document, she writes:"There will be a Phase III of this process that will work in conjunction with the levy, and at that point we will need to have a discussion of the capacity needs of the North Capital Hill/East Roanoke areas."

I looked online and didn't find this document. Can anyone point me to it?

But, more importantly, this is yet another example of lack of communication around the big picture, goals and vision. Apparently, a Phase III is being discussed and planned for, yet no word has been shared publicly on this topic as far as I can tell. And we have no image/picture/vision of how all these different efforts fit together, and why we should care about it other than saving money.

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