Friday, August 18, 2006

Entering the Twilight Zone at Seattle Public Schools

I was looking for the list of schools being considered for closure in Phase II on the district website, and didn't see it. So I sent an e-mail message to the address listed in the latest news bulletin.

Below is the response I got back. It's like entering a time warp or the Twilight Zone!

Thank you for writing to the Seattle Public Schools Consolidation and Closure Process email box. Your message will be shared with Superintendent Raj Manhas. You may also check our website for detailed information, including frequently asked questions, at www.seattleschools.org.

On May 30, the CAC presented its final recommendation on school consolidation and closure to Superintendent Manhas. The report on that recommendation, and extensive information about the consolidation and closure process is posted at www.seattleschools.org. After considering this report, Superintendent Manhas will present his preliminary recommendation to the School Board on Friday, June 2. An additional period of public review and comment will follow, culminating in a School Board vote scheduled for July 26. A detailed timeline is posted at www.seattleschools.org/area/main/Public_Affairs/timelinemay30update.pdf.

You are encouraged to continue to voice your opinion as the process evolves. Opportunities will include a series of site-specific public hearings scheduled for June 26-28 (times and locations to be announced soon); public testimony at School Board meetings; a final public hearing scheduled for July 19; and written and email comment.


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