Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Open Letter to the District

I signed on to the open letter to the district complaining about lack of follow-up on the CACIEE report last year. It was published in the PI while I was on vacation. See the following articles for more details:

High-powered group issues budget rebuke to Seattle Public Schools

Letter rips lack of progress on school budget shortfalls

30 sign critical schools letter; Manhas cites district progress

And the full text of the letter is at: An Open Letter to the Superintendent and School Board

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Anonymous said...

Although none of the news media that reported on the letter mentioned it, here is a relevant exerpt from the CACIEE's final report (page 44):

"We urge the Superintendent to act expeditiously and recommend the following timetable:

"• Superintendent issues response to Committee outlining plan of action within 30 days.

"• Superintendent introduces multi-year action package to Board for immediate approval within 45 days.

"• Superintendent and School Board present progress report to the community within six months.

"It will be critical for the Superintendent to introduce these reforms as a package with clear linkages between investments and expense reductions and between action and outcomes."

The letter came on the six-month anniversary of the CACIEE report and was, to a great extent, a consequence of the absence of a six month progress report. The absence of a six month progress report may be a consequence of the absence of progress to report.