Mercer Island teens and the big picture

Interesting but not surprising article in today's Times about a researcher studying Mercer Island teens. I found the outcomes familiar but I worry about my son NOT doing enough to look good on a college app (with applications up and it being very competitive to get into many colleges and universities including UW). I don't want to pressure him too much but he'll need more than his good looks and soccer to get into a decent college (and here's hoping he keeps those grades up).


Anonymous said…
That was interesting. Can you expand a little and define what a good college would be for your son? (I'm not challenging you, I'm just curious.)

I realize that admissions can be a lot like the beauty pageants of yore. The applicant can't have just one outside interest or talent to compliment good grades. They often have to fit a unique profile that certain schools are trying to fill.

But in the end, how valuable will this competition for the best schools really be if companies go for the applicant who is brilliant and resilient, but has degrees from Podunk U?

I don't begrudge anyone who knows their career may hinge on relationships made at certain schools, but as global competition becomes the new standard, will it still matter as much a decade from now where we graduated from as much as how well we work with others or how flexible or resourceful we can be? WenG

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