Monday, July 09, 2007

PI Editorial on Super plus reminders

This editorial on Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's appearance in the district was in today's PI. Don't forget to read the comments after the editorial, they're interesting and one Board candidate weighs in.

Just to remind you, Wednesday's Board meeting will be the first one with Dr. Goodloe-Johnson. It starts at 6 pm at the Stanford Center and also shows live on Channel 26.

Also, KUOW's Weekday program will have the SB candidates from District 6 (Irene Stewart's district) on during the 10-11 am segment. You can also listen to the discussion online after the show at kuow.org. They archive their shows.


Melissa Westbrook said...

KUOW also had District II candidates on their Conversation program at 1:00 pm. Those shows are also archived.

I caught most of it (I missed Patrick Kelley and plan to listen when it is archived). I thought Lisa Stuebing made her points well although she sounded nervous. I think she bailed slightly on the question of what to do to maintain racial diversity. She talked about how diverse this city is and said that we would have to go back to the drawing board since the Supreme Court decision. (But no one else seemed to get asked that question.)

Sherry Carr sounded professional and let the audience know of her work on the CAICEE committee.

Darlene Flynn also sounded professional (she's a pretty good speaker). She pointed out that the accomplishments that the Board, despite the outward rep they have, made while she was a director.

The fifth candidate did not appear.

The last part of the show was people e-mailing/calling in their #1 concerns. Some were:

-Class size (2)
-lack of skateboarding at schools
-need for basics including cursive
-need for discipline (taking away Ipods, cell phones, etc.)
-parent responsibility in their child's education
-working on education and not being so reactive

Roy Smith said...

"lack of skateboarding at schools"?

Is this a concern for SPS?

Melissa Westbrook said...

I thought it was hilarious (he said hopscotch and jumprope were passe) but that was his comment.