Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now This Should Be an Interesting Presentation at the Legislature.

This article appeared in today's Times.

"On Friday, Edwards and about 15 of her robotics teammates will journey to Olympia to lobby the Legislature to fund robotics teams in high schools statewide.

The students' pitch to legislators is straightforward: Robotics teams are a great way to motivate students to learn more about science, technology and math — all hot-button topics in education.

As state educators debate ways to get more students to meet state standards for math and science, these students say extracurricular activities such as building a robot and taking it to a competition could make learning a lot more fun and effective."

Great idea as most of these teams have to scrounge for private support. I know Roosevelt has a team and I believe Hale does as well. It is really a great way to teach science and math as well as to have competitions which motivate many students.


Anonymous said...

There are lots of other math & science competitions that local schools participate in. MATHCOUNTS, for middle schools, is coming up next month.

Anonymous said...

I think what Melissa is saying is that Robotics are attractive to kids. And, anything attractive, engaging and FUN will draw more kids to participate and overtly expose them to math and science. Mathcounts is great, but only attracts students who are math motivated....robotics on the other hand will attract a larger group, and thus expose more kids to math!