Thursday, January 17, 2008

She's Running...Again

I had missed that Terry Bergeson is running for State Superintendent of public schools again. I think Dr. Bergeson should go. Her record is not great and we've had uneven results from the WASL and math reforms. (I'll cut her slack in implementing WASL because it must have been huge to have to create and send it into motion.) I just don't believe the WASL is a good testing instrument and she has been pretty stubborn about not making changes.


dan dempsey said...

Melissa said ...
...I'll cut her slack in implementing WASL because it must have been huge to have to create and send it into motion.

I will not cut her any slack on the WASL. She has wasted enormous amounts of money to expand her domain.

We could have used something like the MAP or even the Iowa tests but these were not good enough.

Most school districts have adopted materials supposedly aligned to produce WASL success much to the detriment of their students. Seattle, Issaquah, and Bethel all mindlessly adopted Everyday Math for 2007-2008. Numerous districts have adopted Connected Math.

So instead we've spent big bucks on the School Reform movement - known by some as the Great American Brain Robbery.

Consider that recently because of the math disaster we have Collection of Evidence, Segmented Math, Math Modules - all products of OSPI. The Washington State Institute for Public policy was asked by the legislature to review the PAS (Promoting Academic Success) efforts funded by OSPI as they effected WASL pass rates.

When used during the regular school year there was no effect on WASL Pass rates.

WSIPP Reports are HERE

There are an incredible number of reasons Dr Bergeson needs to be defeated in 2008.

Vote for Dr. Rich Semler

dan dempsey said...

Hey Dr Bergeson said...

.."It's a scary job right now."

Darn right - she has messed us up so badly in 11+ years in office, it is truly incredible.

Perhaps if she had listened to anyone but her reformist cronies and not told everyone my way or the highway, then things would not be as scary as she has made them.

Her job is not nearly as scary as the scary task that faces our children of trying to build a life on the poor education provided by Washington's under funded poorly directed school systems.

Hopefully 12 years of Dr. Bergeson's nonsense ends with this year's elections.

Anonymous said...

I agree - no more slack for Dr. Bergeson, she needs to admit to her failures and move on.

Anybody know if there are any good candidates running against her?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the Robert Carkhuff business didn't get more press time? Was it refuted, or just swept under the rug, or what? See http://thefactsaboutedreform.homestead.com/Article_2.pdf (article by Kristin Kline, "Investigation shows WASL design may be flawed," from the Snohomish County Tribune, September 13, 2006 -- I'd have linked directly there, except they don't seem to have online archives).

Helen Schinske

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote, "Anybody know if there are any good candidates running against her?"

Yes, I'm running against her. I've been speaking out against the WASL since I first ran for public office in 1999. I was also speaking out about an even bigger issue everyone else ignores - the privatization of public education.

See my campaign website at http://2008.seattle-mafia.org/ I hope to get a lot more work done on it in early February.

Rich Semler is just another business-as-usual company wh*re.

dan dempsey said...

Helen --

WOW!! Robert Carkhuff

You are really touching on a Bergeson hot spot with that name.

The answer to your question probably has to do with the lack of investigative reporting in our society.

Dr Bergeson has powerful friends and this is a name and topic that she would prefer not to see in the press.

Anonymous said...

New OSPI directive - In the event of a tidal wave, focus happy thoughts towards pyramids located on top Mt Baker, Mt Rainier, and Mt. Adams. If everyone participates an energy force field 100' high will magically appear ready to protect Washington's beaches.

And they made millions selling it to Washington's taxpayers without anyone knowing about it. Think happy thoughts and you'll get rich. Not.

Anonymous said...

..."Rich Semler is just another business-as-usual company wh*re."

Hi David,

Care to enlighten us? I know Rich Semler personally and know that your comment is complete bullsh*t.

Rich is a guy that has dedicated his entire life to public education. He cares about children and communities and has made a huge difference in every school system he has worked in.

Everyone, before you listen to one negative voice go to Rich's website and find out who he really is!



Anonymous said...

Wow - I can't believe that guy called my dad a "company wh*re". He's totally off base.

So sad!